Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center

Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center
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The best price and quality ratio you can usually find at top 4 star hotels in Prague city center If you want to save money while enjoying the right comfort, this article about ours tips where is the exact best stay is the right one for you.

Reasonable price for 4-star hotel in Prague for two people we set about 120 EUR per night in season (June).  So let's go on.

Our criteria for top 4 star hotels in Prague city center

We will focus on10 most beautiful and the best hotels in its category:

  • 4* hotels in Prague
  • breakfast included
  • superb location
  • great ratio price/value

(The order below is not determined by the quality or popularity, all the hotels listed here are great.)

1) Residence Agnes

Residence Agnes - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Residence Agnes

This hotel is really fantastic. It is located 3 minutes walk from Old Town Square, which means that you are in the heart of Prague. The hotel is located on street Haštalská, a short walk from the picturesque Haštalské Square (map link with street view).

Public transport is also a nibble because you're a few meters from the bus and tram station Dlouhá. Still within walking distance is metro station Náměstí Republiky (yellow line), where you will find the biggest Prague department store Kotva and Palladium.

And you're lucky because our hotel is a short walk from one of the best draft beer Pilsner Urquell in Prague, which operates a chain Lokál (reservation recommended).


Hotel Residence Agnes has a great buffet breakfast, so everyone can come into their own.

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2) Hotel Kampa

Hotel Kampa - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Hotel Kampa

This hotel is located in a very nice place - on Kampa Island. It is a historic quarter close to other landmarks such as Charles Bridge. Breakfast is nice, eggs, fruits, vegetables, good coffee, and desserts. Near the hotel, we recommend a restaurant Luka Lu

At best this hotel is its location. Ancient streets, street lamps, adjacent park. Walk on the Kampa caress your soul. (google street view here).

The best is hotel location

Within walking distance is the tram stop Ujezd and Hellichova. Be sure to head northwards (can walk) to the Lesser Town Square, where you will be on the Malá Strana (Lesser Town) - a picturesque historic district that includes the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Nerudova street and others.

At the Lesser Town Square and its surroundings are a lot of small shops, convenience store, McDonald's and Starbucks.
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3) Domus Henrici Boutique Hotel

Domus Henrici Boutique Hotel - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Domus Henrici Boutique Hotel

The hotel has a beautiful terrace with stunning views of Petrin Hill and the surrounding area. We recommend that at a time when you can sit outside in the morning and enjoy breakfast with these views.

Surrounding the hotel is a great, street Úvoz offers magnificent views again, street Loretánská is a place where you can feel the atmosphere full of historical life and housing (google street view here).The Loretánská street leads around the beautiful building Loreta, further to the Castle Square. Here is Prague Castle itself, which definitely worth seeing! A well-deserved place in the category "Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center".

In addition to the many cafes and restaurants around, you can find in Pohořelec place (few meters away) a supermarket, which is open into the night. His name is Žabka supermarket. At Pohořelec could also find and trams. 

Also try the restaurant Valašská restaurant, which imported beer from a local small brewery and where you can buy specialties such as goat cheese, etc. It is harder to find, and sometimes local don't know exactly where it is located. It is in the basement, you see the link.
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4) Hotel Grandium (Yasmin Hotel)

Hotel Grandium (Yasmin hotel Prague) - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Hotel Grandium Prague

This very nice and stylish hotel is also in Prague center, near the Wenceslas Square, which intersects 3 subway lines (A, B, C) and a short walk from the main train station (google street view here).

Accommodation is suitable for people who want to be at center stage and wants to visit bars and clubs in the city center. The location is convenient thanks to the subway checkpoint station (station Můstek and Muzeum).

Just opposite is a restaurant Bredovský Dvůr, however, do not be afraid to go out in the city and elsewhere around Wenceslas Square. Very interesting is the restaurant in the ancient bell tower Jindřišská Věž (walking distance from the hotel about 3 minutes). Behind the hotel is the entrance to the passage, which leads directly to Wenceslas Square.


Interesting is a pub Výtopna on Wenceslas Square, where the beer you carry a small train locomotive with wagons.
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5) Residence U Malvaze

Residence u Malvaze - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Residence u Malvaze

One of the finest hotels in Prague in this category!

Great location, near the Charles Bridge, in the ancient streets of old Prague, at the Charles Street (google street view here).

The hotel has a beautiful garden-atrium style restaurant with a transparent roof.


One of the finest hotels in Prague in this category


Residence u Malvaze - restaurant
Residence u Malvaze - restaurant

There is no need more words to describe because when you leave the hotel in the morning, you are a short walk from Charles Bridge and suck in the original historic atmosphere.

Go across the Charles bridge and along the beautiful walk you are on the Malá Strana (Lesser Town).

Do not miss a stroll along Kampa (at the end of the bridge on the right).

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6) Golden Star

Golden Star - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Golden Star hotel

This hotel is very interesting because it resides directly below Prague Castle and some rooms offer beautiful views. The hotel was renovated in 2016 and therefore rightly belongs among the few hotels in this category that we would like to highlight and recommend.

The hotel is also situated in the most beautiful part of Prague's Lesser Town. Architectural monuments are at every step. Look at what a beautiful place worth:

In summer the hotel offers a nice terrace to sit outside. In addition to visiting Prague Castle, you can loiter streets behind Prague Castle, in an area called New World. Here we recommend visiting restaurant U zlaté hrušky (Golden Pear) or cafe Kavárna Nový svět (Cafe New World).

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7) Elite Hotel

Élite hotel Prague - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Élite hotel Prague

Elite hotel is close to subway station Národní. This street is a bit noisy, but the beautiful setting of the hotel will fully compensate and the advantage is proximity to Prague's public transportation (google street view here).

There is also tram stop with the same name as the metro, and tram number 22 will take you to the beautiful district called Lesser Town.

On the street, Národní is also a large department store also with supermarket Tesco. Within walking distance, you can reach the street "Na Perštýně" where we recommend that you go further north the ancient streets towards the Charles Bridge. Or if you want to taste excellent Pilsner Urquell beer, try the famous pub restaurant "U Pinkasů". 

Nearby is also interesting contemporary patisserie and cafe "Mysak".


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8) U Zeleného Hroznu

Hotel u Zeleného hroznu (Hotel At the Green Grape) - Top 4 star hotel
Hotel u Zeleného hroznu (Hotel At the Green Grape)

Really excellent location, again - excellent location - one of the best. It is in the district of Lesser Town, a short walk from the Nerudova street, where are many beautiful historic buildings and from where a direct path to the Prague Castle (google street view).

One of the top hotels from category "Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center".


Near the hotel is nice restaurant "U 7 švábů" and also supermarket "Žabka". There is no need for more comments because you are in the heart of the historical center of Prague. Just come out of the hotel and walk.


You are in the heart of the historical center of Prague

If someone would have asked me where to stay in Prague, this would be probably one of the first hotels that I recommend.

Recommend to order min. Superior King Suite room.


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9) Hotel Questenberk

Hotel Questenberk - Top 4 star hotel in Prague
Hotel Questenberk

If you're lucky, and this hotel will be free, try it. The hotel has an interesting architecture and is in an interesting spot and is located in Prague's Lesser Town. Hotel is filled with charm and elegance, is right at the crossroads of history, entertainment and relaxation. Top hotel from our category - Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center.

Be sure to stroll around on foot, it's worth it. And not only Prague Castle which is a few minutes from the hotel. Visit Loreto close to Loretánské Square and in summer also walk to the park on Petrin Hill.

Questenberk Hotel has spectacular views of the Old Town, Prague Castle and a breathtaking and quiet Petrin park (google street view here). 
Not far away is a place called Pohořelec, where is a small supermarket Žabka and which has the same name tram stop Pohořelec. 
The hotel has a lovely terrace for dinner:

Hotel Questenberk - Terrace
Hotel Questenberk - Terrace

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10) Lokal Inn

Lokal Inn - Top 4 star hotels in Prague city centre
Lokal Inn - Top 4 star hotel in Prague city centre

Again, we are at the Lesser Town in Prague, because the beauty of this place is breathtaking. Even though there are also beautiful hotels in the modern part of the city, why choose somewhere else, even here, in the picturesque historic district, you will find real jewels for fairly decent money.

The main advantages of this hotel

  • Not far from Charles Bridge
  • Not far from Lesser Town Square
  • Close to Prague Castle
  • Romantic snacks right next to the hotel
  • At the ground floor of the hotel, you will find the top pub, chain "Lokál", where the best Czech beer - Pilsner Urquell.

If you are just a bit physically fit, you do not need much to go by public transport, because you have everything right at your nose.

In addition to the beerhouse on the ground floor, you have a great wine bar right next to, where people sit on the sidewalk and drink a great wine on hot summer nights.
We also recommend passing Charles Bridge and walking a few steps to Kampa.

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And that's all. You may wonder why we used in this article "Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center" the links on The answer is simple. It has the largest hotel network all over the world. Most people rate hotels in this area at and they have best services for you.