Prague airport and how to get to city center

You have four options for transportation from the Prague airport to the city center: 1) Public transportation, 2) Public taxi, 3) Prepaid taxi transport, 4) Uber or Liftago taxi.

Prague airport to city center
Prague airport and how to get from/to city center?


Prague airport is one of the most modern airports in the world. Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, which is the correct name of the airport (PRG international code), handle annually about 13 million people and this amount is around 1 million people for a month.

Which options do you have if you want to get from the Prague airport

You have four options for transportation from the Prague airport to the city center:

1) By public transportation. Of all the terminals regularly runs two bus lines: No. 119 and No. 100. Bus No. 119 will take you to the green line metro to the station Nádraží Veleslavín. Bus No. 100 to get to the yellow line metro B, to the station Zlicin. More being used is line No. 119, because the A subway line is closer to the city center. Ticket cost 32 Kč (about EUR 1.4, USD 1.5). You can here check the actuall timetable of this line.

2) Public taxi. Use only cars with a visible indication taxi and always should be turned on the meter. The price ranges from 400 to 500 CZK.

3) Prepaid taxi transport. Try to search in Google the phrase "Prague airport transfers" and choose one. The average price is from 250 to 550 CZK. The driver is always waiting with a sign with your name on it in the arrivals hall. List of the transport companies can you found here. Tip for you, we have found a company, which give you a free tour guide in Prague, if you order their taxi transfer. That's good gig we think! Check this URL for this bonus.

4) Uber or Liftago taxi. You can download taxi app to your phone and can use it for your transfer to the city center. Uber is commonly used in Prague. Its competitor, Czech, called Liftago taxi. For you to input some bonus for your first ride, click here to register for Uber and Liftago taxi. Both are similar, and you can merely add where you are and where you want to go and  immediately you can a cost estimate

Where to find taxis at Prague airport

The official taxi stand is in front of both terminals. Taxis are highlighted in yellow color.

Prague Airport Yellow Taxis
Prague Airport Yellow Taxis

Prague airport terminals and its services

Great is the wi-fi at the airport because, is fast and most importantly - free of charge without any time limit!

Prague Airport Terminals map
Prague Airport Terminals map

The airport has two main halls, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (click to the picture above). Terminal 1 is for flights outside the Schengen area, Terminal 2 is only for flights within the Schengen area. In what area is your arrival or departure from the country, you can check here. Nice view in Google Maps you can find here:

Rest & Fun Centre - if you are waiting a lot

In this center, you can find a mini-lounge, hotel rooms, internet café, refreshment, showers. The Rest&Fun center is located in transit (non-public) area of Terminal 1.

Price list is here.

Self check-in kiosks, you can save a time

Both terminals are equipped with check-in kiosks.
"When using a self-service check-in kiosk identification is carried out manually by entering the e-ticket number or reservation code, by downloading one´s passport, any credit cards with magnetic strips or a boarding pass already printed, by manually entering the number of the electronic ticket and manually entering the number of selected cards of loyalty programs. 

If you are traveling only with hand luggage, simply check-in and walk directly to the relevant departure exit without any further delay. If you have baggage to check-in, simply hand it in at a special counter designated as "Baggage drop-off”, which is located near the standard check-in and where you will receive a ticket of the luggage. Then continue directly to security or passport control. Companies that support this form of check-in are listed below."

Entry regulations to the Czech Republic

Entry regulations are issued in accordance with the § 85f, paragraph 4 of Act No. 49/1997 Coll. on civil aviation. Regulations are applicable to all persons entering airside of the Prague Airport. You can find whole text here.
Import regulations - thus own goods that you can bring them to EU countries, can find here.
Security standards of Prague airport - rules for the entry into the checked zones and into the aircraft can find here.

Lounges - check your credit card if you can go for free

At Terminal 1 you will find two lounges - VIP Service Club CONTINENTAL and MasterCard Lounge. At terminal 2 can find Raiffeisenbank Lounge, ERSTE Premier Lounge, and Premier Private Lounge.

Showers - if you need them

Showers are at both terminals and are slightly charged. They are near the business lounges.

Luggage packing - for sure

Luggage packing at the Prague Airport
Luggage packing at the Prague Airport

Terminal 1: departure hall - public area, near the entrance A, Terminal 2: Concourse - public area, near the entrance D. The price is about 150 CZK. 

Your motivation video
This video is not about transportation, but it shows a very nice idea at the Prague airport


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Its nice and clean airport, free wifi is not a common thing in Europe.
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