Best hotels in Prague for couples

How should look a perfect hotel room for a couple? Just imagine, that after a day trip you want to nice relax and be fresh the next day. In this article, we will describe hotels, which we consider to be the best choice for an average couple looking for a compromise on quality and price.

What the ideal hotels for couples have to meet?

  • Soundproofed rooms
  • Great firm beds
  • Clean bathroom
  • Fantastic and fortifying breakfast

As you can see, these excellent attributes can be beneficial also for the whole family,  or everyone not only for couples.

We have tried to select hotels that meet the default conditions summarized above. As a bonus, we can recommend you hotels in Prague with sauna (for free of charge or with a small fee).

1) COSMOPOLITAN Hotel Prague

(Zlatnická street, Prague 1)

This 4-star hotel is fantastic. Excellent breakfast, soundproofed room, gorgeous bathroom, high firmer mattress. An outstanding experience for the rest! 

And you're in the center of Prague. Yes, this hotel is number one as one of the best hotels in Prague for couples.

There prepare one of the best breakfasts in Prague and sometimes surpasses even some 5-star hotels

This hotel has a charming restaurant "Next door by Imperial". You don't make a mistake also with nearby restaurant Café Imperial. review is 9.2 TripAdvisor review is 4.5

View more photos and room rates!

2) Dancing House Hotel

(Jiráskovo square 1981/6, Prague 1)

Again a 4-star hotel which has large rooms in a clean style. Exceptional mattresses and excellent soundproofing hotel. Another advantage is the proximity of tram.

Top hotel in category best hotels in Prague for couples.

Athletes have a great bonus because you stay right above the bank called Náplavka, where there are jogging trail and bicycle path, so in the morning before the breakfast, you can go to do great jog, down to Charles bridges, or on the other way around Vyšehrad to district Modrany. Both versions of the trail you run along the river Vltava (Google street view here).
Also, every Saturday will be held at the Náplavka Organic Farmers Market, from 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. (spring-fall). review is 8.9 Tripadvisor review is 4.5

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3) The Grand Mark Prague

(Hybernská 12 street, Prague 1)

The 5-star hotel in a 17th-century residential palace with high-quality furnishings and high-end materials on every corner. It is a great combination and the promise of a unique experience. The hotel will satisfy every VIP guest! The position is located near the central train station, close to Wenceslas Square, just entirely in the center of modern Prague (google street view here).

... they prepare food exclusively from organic food or local farmers

Why is breakfast at this hotel so fabulous? They prepare food exclusively from organic food or local farmers. And restaurant facilities are truly spectacular! One of the most beautiful hotels in Prague.

Yes, this hotel is worth a lot of money, but if you want to relax? A similar hotel in the US, Paris or London will cost twice as much. review is 9.1 Tripadvisor review is 4.5

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4) Theatrino Hotel

Borivojova 53, Prague, 13000, Czech Republic

This hotel is simple but clean and for a reasonable price. You can save a lot of money if you stay here.

The main benefits

  • You live in the neighborhood of ordinary Czechs
  • Excellent breakfast - really
  • The best restaurants with a fabulous price in the neighborhood, you drink and eat with the local.

You can save a lot of money if you stay here...

The price is about EUR 70 for 2, so it's pretty solid. And frequented tram to the city center is about 50 meters away. review is 8.6 Tripadvisor is clear 4

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5) Grandior Hotel Prague

Na Poříčí 42, Prague, 11000, Czech Republic

This hotel has everything that you need. Is located in the city center, it has services of the 5-star hotel, fabulous breakfast, branded cosmetics in the room (from the Deluxe room and above) and excellent spa and wellness center (for a fee).

A tram stop is right in front of the hotel. A 3-minute walk from the hotel is Florenc Metro Station.

You are not in the middle of the historical center (but a few tram stops from), but you are in the best hotel (5-star) for this reasonable money.

If you are looking for a nice hotel for couples in the Prague city center, we recommend to you this hotel - visit more photos and prices!

Best hotels for a couple in Prague with sauna

The effects of saunas on the human organism are indisputable. And if you cannot stay in the sauna for a long time, you can learn it. If you are not strictly a cardiologist, try the sauna (classic Finnish sauna, not microwave).
You can also use saunas in the summer; then you will be better prepared for the high heat.

There is nothing better than to go after your walk in Prague, and before the dinner, for an hour into the sauna. The saunas ritual usually consists of three cycles after 10-15 minutes in the sauna and the same length in the rest room.

Here we bring you an overview of hotels with the best saunas in Prague, which has entry to sauna free of charge:

1) Hotel Intercontinental Prague

Parizska 30, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic

This hotel could be quite expensive, but if you don't travel in the primary tourist season, try your luck for a reasonable price on our link below!

It is one of the oldest bigger hotels in Prague, but still has something to offer. Quality furniture, a restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Vltava River and such a panorama of Prague Castle, so there is no similar hotel which has it like that.

This 5-star hotel has an excellent fitness center and spa. One of the best from Prague!
And entry is free of charge if you have booked through - so, don't wait and book this fantastic hotel right now here!

2) EA Hotel Juliš

Wenceslas Square No. 22, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic

Hotel chain EA hotels offers relatively good quality of their hotels for reasonably priced money.

This 4-star hotel offers fantastic wellness with sauna and swimming pool. Aso has a lovely location because is right at the Wenceslas Square, where is a central point of subways, A, B, and C lines.

The cost of accommodation is also adequate, so what more do you want?
Note: if you want an entry to spa free of charge, you have to book a room with the title "with Spa Access" (it is about $100, that's fine).

Check the prices and more photos of EU Hotel Julis

3) Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza

Hybernská street No. 6, Prague, 11000, Czech Republic

This hotel doesn't offer spa free of charge, but only for a small fee - $12 per person per one hour. You can try it and will see - if the previous hotels are occupied, choose this one.
Hotel is situated near the Palladium business center, and there are many restaurants in the area.

Check here more photos and the actual prices!

4) Falkensteiner Hotel Maria Prag

Opletalova street No. 21, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic

Excellent hotel which you have to try! Guests are delighted, and this is our special tip with an excellent price/quality ratio! You will be pleased. The hotel is a short walk from the central railway station.
You will soon reach Wenceslas Square, the center of Prague's everyday life.

And of course, spa is free of charge. Hurry, this hotel is always soon occupied! 

Check here more images and the actual prices!

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