15 Fun Things to Do in Paris

Having a ton of fun is something one can do in Paris. There are so many fun activities to do in Paris because the city is a home of vacation spots. The accompanying is 15 fun activities to do in Paris.

1. Go to Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs.

Paris Catacombs visit takes you to the underground tunnels which are estimated to be about 20 meters below the earth surface. The lonely “planet” will see you experience the subterranean universe of skeletal remains of more than 6 million individuals. The place was set up in the year 1860 0n the grounds that the graveyards were stuffed and there was the need to extend the city. As you intend to visit this site, it is critical that you book a skip-the-line to sidestep the queue, or you can make your touring considerably less demanding by choosing a joint admission to the two Catacombs and the Eiffel Tower.

Tips to Consider When Planning to Visit Catacombs

Purchase a ticket ahead of time

Note that the number of guests to this place is constrained to 200 at any given moment. It is therefore advisable that you book your ticket ahead of time so that you don't squander your valuable time in the queue.

Dress warmly 

The temperature at Catacombs is around 14 degrees Celsius. On that note, you ought to dress warmly because you might not negotiate well with the low temperatures in this place if you fail to do so.

Wear Very Comfortable shoes

Catacombs visit includes trekking 130 steps downwards and 83 steps upwards to come back to the road level. You, therefore, need to wear exceptionally comfortable strolling shoes so that you don't encounter any problem as you ramble here and there the Catacombs.

Ensure you are free from heart or respiratory issues

Skeletal remains of human beings are scary and alarming and can severely influence someone with a delicate attitude. It is critical to take note of that not every person can accommodate the environment of Catacombs. The individuals who are free from the heart and respiratory issues can visit the place.

Instructions to Get There

The Catacombs are located at the fourteenth arrondissement in Paris. You can arrive by making your journey via Denfert-Rochereau metro and RET station which puts you at the right side by the passageway on Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tany.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for grown-ups is 12 Euros. Kids are free from any charges

2. Take Drinks with A View at Per-choir (Rooftop Bar)

 Per-choir is one of the famous rooftop bar situated in Memilmontant. The bar has all it takes for one to have a ton of fun. Its housetop is extensive and can empower one has a 360 degrees view of the city. This five-star bar has a good number of customers. You, therefore, ought to be there in time to get away from the long line which is ordinarily experienced in this place. In the wake of clearing with the reception, you can take a lift to the seventh floor where you will get a tremendous space encompassing the beautiful bar.


Rooftop Bar in Paris

What makes Perchoir unique?

Comfortable Sofas Strewn with Cushions

The bar has exceptionally agreeable seats. Sitting on them as you take your beverages will influence you to feel in your heaven. Whenever you require a place to have a great time and relax comfortably with no limitations, visit Perchoir bar.

Fantastic Environment

The eatery has an extremely favorable and conducive environment. The brilliant plants planted in pots around the bar makes it royal and appealing to the customers. Also, the scented herbs put around the bar gives the restaurant a conducive environment to have some beautiful times when on vacation.

Colored Lights

The bar has stunning shaded lights. The lights increase the value of the bar making it lovely. Staying at the restaurant will see you appreciate the diverse lighting designs that change rhythmically.

Perchoir Menu


•    Mushrooms- Autumn Broth- € 8.00

•    Smoked- Beetroot- Horseradish- € 11.00

•    Dried Duck-Dates –Dates- Young Cress- € 12.00

•    Grilled Octopus-Roasted Butternut Squash- Chorizo- € 12.00

Main Food

•    Risotto- Watercress Cream- Feta cheese- € 16.00

•    Pork-Check- Baby Sweetcorn Mille Feuille- Potato €-25.00

•    Cod- Fish- Squash Spaghetti- Smoked Tea-€-22.00

•    Chicken-Red Label- Celery- Mushrooms- Charon Sauce-€ 80.00


•    Apple Crumble- Caramel Ice Cream- € 8.00

•    Breton Shortbread Biscuit- Fig- Honey Ice cream- € 8.00

•    Café Gourmandizes Surprises-€ 12.00

•    Selection of Aged cheeses €-12.00

Drink Prices

•    Bottle of mineral water-€ 7.00

•    Glass of wine-€ 7.00

•    En Flaske Vin-€ 28.00

•    Glass of Champagne-€ 28.00

•    Coffee- € 3.00

Opening and Closing Times

The housetop bar is continuously opened from 6 pm and 2 pm on weekdays and ends of the week separately. Then again, the eatery is shut at noon consistently.


3. Rent a Boat in Seine River



A Boat in the Seine RiverCruising along the Seine River is something that can make your vacation in Paris to brimming with fun. Diverse sorts of boats are accessible for rental purposes. The rowboats are once in a while found amidst Paris, but you can lease an electric drive boat. The rental time differs relying on the interests of the guest. The accompanying is the vessel rental plans that are available in Paris. The first idea is two hours boat stroll around Paris exploring up to the Pantin Flour Mill. Secondly, is a 12 hours boat stroll exploring up to the Pantin Flour Mill, and lastly, an entire day-long walk around cruise up to the Servan Lock.

Boat Rental Rates in Seine River

 Rental rates of the mini boats in the Seine River varies depending on the number of tickets you purchase. A ticket goes for 4 Euros. 5 and 10 tickets go for 17 and 30 Euros respectively.

Security Rules

For you to have a great time with no dangers at the Seine River, you should put into considerations a couple of security rules. The accompanying is a portion of the security rules you ought to observe while having some good times at the River.

- A grown-up must join children younger than 9 years.

- One must put on a lifejacket when on board keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee individual and kids' safety.

- The boats route zone is set apart by floats. Nobody ought to go past the marked area for security purposes.

- Bathing on the board or along the Seine River isn't permitted. You should regard the boat and different clients.

- Do not dispose any harmful substance into the water because the fish live there.


4. Climb the Arc de Triomphe


The Arc De Triomphe in Paris


Climbing the Arc de-Triomphe is one of the things that can give you extreme delight in Paris. The curve is situated toward one side of Paris' most famous road, the Champs Elysees. The "everlasting fire" on this site is re-lit each night at 6:30 pm making the place extremely alluring. You can appreciate the curve from the ground but have great fun you can climb up its 40 stairs. Before you get to the stairs, you need to get to the landmark itself.

Step by step instructions to Get There

To get to the Arc de Triomphe, you initially need to get to the sixteenth arrondissement on Paris Right Bank. From outside Paris, leave Porte Maillot and avenue de la Grande Armee or leave Porte Dauphine and avenue. At the point when at the focal point of Paris, drive up the Champs Elysees.

Visiting Hours

The meeting hours to the Arc de Triomphe vary basing on the months and seasons. From April first to September 30th. Visiting time is 10 am – 11 pm. As from October 1st  to March 31st, the scheduled visiting time is from 10 am-10:30 pm. The front counter is shut on January 1, May 8, (morning), November 11(morning) and on December 25.

Entry Costs

The entry charges for the grown-ups and students aged 18 and above is 8 and 5 Euros respectively. The entry is free for youngsters and learners below 18 years.


5. Take a Walk-away on the Promenade Plantee


Strolling at Promenade-Paris.

 The Promenade Plantee is a broad green belt that follows the old and the first over-ground railroad line in Paris. In as much as there are various stops in Paris, Promenade Plantee has something additional to offer its guests. Its mystical nature empowers one to walk 10 meters over the ground. The Vincennes railroad is evaluated to be around 3 miles. It begins at Bastille and ends at the twelfth arrondissement.

Visiting Hours

The visiting hours on the Promenade Plantee are scheduled as follows. From March to October, it is opened from 8 is to 9 pm throughout the weekdays (Monday- Friday).On the weekends it is opened from 9 am. From November to February, the place is opened from 8 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.

How to Get There

Getting to the Promenade has never been easy. For you to get to the place efficiently without experiencing any disappointments, it is advisable that you utilize Moovit to get detailed well-ordered bearings from your present area to the site.

Entry to the Promenade Plantee is entirely free for all. You don’t have to get worried about where to get entry fee to this place because all visitors are allowed in free of charge.


6. Have a Picnic and Some Good France Wine at the Seine River Bank

Strolling along the Seine River Bank


Nothing is satisfying than having a picnic as you take soft beverages at the waterway bank. While in Paris, you can set yourself for an excursion and visit the Seine River. On your outing, you can carry with you Good France wine among other refreshments. Taking wine along the Seine river bank as you enjoy the perfect breeze from the river, won't just take you to a state of euphoria but also see you get an extreme joy.

Other Fun Things to Do Near the Seine River Bank

 Walk around the Banks of the River

Walking around the banks of the Seine River is another fun activity to do in Paris on your outing at the waterway. The great shorelines of the Seine are thought to be the best in Paris. Persians like going to the shores to unwind and have reviving beverages when it's sunny.

Stop at One of the Famous Bridges

There are a significant number of bridges in Paris. You will find more than 30 bridges along the Seine River. Some of them are well known and worth considering as one of the fun places to visit close to the Seine River in Paris. One of the famous bridges to stop at is Pont-Neuf which was set up in the seventeenth century making it the most seasoned extension in Paris. Other striking bridges incorporate Alexandre III Bridge which is situated before the Invalides and Arts Bridge among others.

Stop and Relax in One of the Parks

After going to different fascination sites, you will need to take a rest. You can stop and relax in one of the Parks close to the Seine River. There are a few parks close to the Seine. The most visited ones incorporate, Tuileries gardens, Andre Citroen Park, Bercy Park, and the Jardin des Plantes


7. Discover a Forgotten Railroad in Paris


The Forgotten Railway in Paris


One of the things that can give you ideal fun is the adventure of finding the forgotten Railroad in Paris. La Petite Ceinture is one of the abandoned railroads in Paris. It started service in the year 1862 and was then a Haussmann's radical overhaul of the city. The train was utilized to transport both individuals and products up to 1934. With the ascent of the metro framework, the traveler service stopped almost immediately. In the year 1993, the historical railroad was surrendered entirely.

Tips to Consider for a Successful Adventure

Be there in time

There is a lot of activities to do inside the environs of the forgotten railroad. Besides, there are so many guests visiting this place. You, therefore, should be there in time keeping in mind that there are long queues at the entrance. Being there in time will also observe you have adequate time to adventure wholly what the abandoned railway has to offer.

Take your Camera with you.

The abandoned railway has a charming environment. Sooner or later, you should take photographs for future remembrance. It is in therefore advisable that you carry your camera with you, so you take pictures at whatever point you need.

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

On your adventure at the overlooked railroad, you will need to walk some distance at some point. It is therefore essential that you wear comfortable shoes. You ought to wear Light shoes preferably. This will see you free from disappointments when strolling around the abandoned railway.

Pack Some Food and Drinks

It is essential that you pack some nourishment and beverages as you set yourself to discover the abandoned railroad. This is exceptionally principal because sooner or later you have to take some food and drink and it's unfortunate that the eateries are situated at a distance from the abandoned railway.

Carry a big and a powerful Flashlight

There is a very dark tunnel at some point on the forgotten railroad. You will only see a pinhole of light at the other side of the tube. You, therefore, need a powerful flashlight that will enable you to spot the entrance of the tunnel. It is very hazardous to enter the abandoned railway tunnel without a flashlight since a few snakes and different and dangerous wild creatures are living there.


8. Visit the Street Markets to Purchase Goodies

A Street Market in Paris


https://www.theguardian.com › Travel › Paris holidays

Buying goodies along the street markets in Paris is undoubtedly a fascinating action to do. The street markets have something for everybody. Going to the markets will see you purchase every one of the goodies you require.

There are so many street markets in Paris. The celebrated ones incorporate Rue Mouffetard Left Bank Market Street, Rue Cler: Market road close Invalides, and Rue De Martyrs among others.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Street Market in Paris

Quality Services

Quality services are what the vast majority need. It is subsequently essential that you pick a street market that offers quality administrations to its customers. Choosing such market will see you purchase quality items.


A financial budget is very imperative as far as success in any activity is a concern. On that note, you have to choose a street market in Paris that offers things at pocket-friendly prices. This will see you free from budgetary limitations as you shop. Some street shops are profit-oriented, and they never think about their customers' interests. Such stores will see you experience financial constraints.


Paris city is an extremely congested city. It is along these lines that you ought to select a street market that you can get to it quickly.


Nothing is exciting than shopping in a regular street market. As you select the best street market in Paris, you should consider the market that offers services for 24 hours in the seven days of the week. This will see you shop items whenever you require.

Fully Licensed to Offer Street Market Services

For you to get quality items. It is prudent that you select a market that is fully authorized to offer street market administrations. Note that a wholly approved market provides services according to the laws and regulations.

Great Reputation

Choosing a street market with a good reputation is something you should consider while selecting one in Paris. To get a well-reputed street market, you can check the surveys of every street market in Paris and pick the one that takes many positive reviews.


9. Ice Skate on the Eiffel Tower (in the winter)

Ice Skate on the Eiffel Tower


Ice skating on the base of the most beautiful site-Eiffel Tower is a fantastic activity to do in Paris. During the long stretch of December and February of every year, a significant number of guests go to the Eiffel Tower to Ice skate on its floor. The ice arena is free for individuals with tickets for the Eiffel Tower. Guests always get the ice skates and sleds at the reception. It is important to note that personal ice skates are not permitted at all. For own security, one is encouraged to wear gloves.

Hours of Operation at the Eiffel Tower

The Eifel Tower is continuously open throughout the year except during certain public holidays. The consistent hours of operation from mid-June through early September are 9:00 am to 12:45 am. In the other remaining months of the year, the tower is open from 9: 30 am to 11: 45 pm. As you set yourself to go and ice skate at the Eiffel Tower, it is exceptionally crucial that you consider the above operation hours at the tower.

Instructions to Get There

The bus that goes directly to the Eiffel Tower is based close to the famous landmark in the core of Paris – the Eiffel Tower. You can take the RER C to the Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel Station or Line 6 of the Metro to the Bir Hakemim station.

Entry Fee

The Eiffel Tower entry fee changes depending on the age of the guests. To take 704 stairs to the second floor, grown-ups over the age of 25 should pay 7 euros, those who have attained the age of 12 to 24 years are required to pay 5 euros and kids below the age of 11 pay 3 euros.

To get to the third-floor of the Eiffel tower, the guests aged 25 and above, 12 to 24 years, and children aged 4 to 11, pay 17 euros, 14.50 euros, and 8 euros respectively. Kids below the age of 3 are free from the entry fee.

Note that all of the entry tickets to the Eiffel Tower are permitted to ice skate for free.


10. Go for a Bike ride in Paris


Bike Ride at Versailles.

Riding an exceptionally comfortable bike through the city of Paris gives you extreme joy. With a bike, you can cycle to various landmarks in Paris very fast. Aside from having some good times, the bikes will likewise empower you to escape jams in the core of the city. One of the advantages of riding a bike is that you will have the capacity to see numerous things that the individuals who walk.

Why go for a Bike Ride in Paris?

To Avoid Traffic, Crowds, and Congestion in the City

Paris being a world-class city has a lot of things. It has extended traffic jams and congestion of both people and cars among others. To stay away from any obstruction that may frustrate your trip. It is advisable that you cycle at whatever point you need to see distinctive fascination sites around the city.

To See a Good Number of Things

Cycling enables you to move quicker than when you walk. On that note, riding a bicycle will see you see numerous things. It is imperative to take note that there are multiple things to see in Paris and if you walk around, you will not debilitate all that this brilliant city brings to the table.

To have Ultimate Fun.

Bicycle ride in Paris is brimming with fun. Cycling around this astonishing city will see you have extreme joy. In the wake of a monotonous day stroll to different sightseers' fascination destinations, you can go for a bicycle ride as opposed to staying indoors which is exhausting. It is important to note that apart from having a great time, riding a bicycle will also enhance your general health and fitness.

Renting Bikes in Paris

Purchasing a bicycle is somewhat costly. However, you don't need to get stressed over where to get a bicycle whenever you visit Paris. There are bicycles for rent in the city at moderate rates. On the off chance that you are a short-term client, you can lease a Velib' bike for 24 hours or seven days. You will be required to pay a deposit on the bicycle at a level rate charge for a day or a week for every one of your trips during this period. On the off chance that you utilize the bicycle for not as much as 30 minutes on any of your trip, you won't be charged an additional expense. On the other hand, if you take the bicycle out for longer trips than anticipated, you will pay an increment expense over the level rates.


11. Stroll down the Middle of the Seine River


Strolling down in the Middle of the Seine River.

There is a natural island in the Seine River. It is the place Notre Dame Cathedral is found. Initially, it is trusted that the island was a place for cows however it's currently a community of itself where one can have a fabulous time. The island's name is IIe De Ia Cite. Walking around this aisle will see you get ideal joy.

Things to do as You Stroll down the Middle of the Seine River

Photograph Taking

The island in the middle the Seine is a delightful place where one can take photographs. While walking around in the middle of Seine with your sweetheart, you can make pictures that will give you decent recollections later on.

Having Nice Food and Drinks

There are beautiful restaurants built up in the middle of the Seine River. You can enjoy nourishment and beverages from one of the eateries and give yourself extreme satisfaction. The significant part of the island in the Seine River is that it serves its customers to their delight.

Going to the Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the celebrated tourists' fascination site situated amidst the Seine River is Notre Dame Cathedral. As you walk around in the IIe De Ia Cite, you can visit the imperial church and have some good times as you likewise take in the history and the purpose of the traditional religious building.


12. Take a Cruise by Night

Taking a Cruise in Paris


 Taking a journey by night on the Seine River is something that can influence your outing to Paris more fascinating. There is a gigantic voyage in River Seine which you can board during night hours and have an opportunity to see what the city of love brings to the table. Along the way, you’ll get fantastic views of some of the city’s attractions. As the darkness prevails, the tourists’ attraction sites get lit gradually by gradually and from inside the Cruise, you can peep on the window and observe them at a distance.

How Much Does it Cost?

A Seiner river cruise costs differ contingent upon the kind of boat you take. The price begins at a minimum of 10 euros for every individual for a basic boat tour up to a maximum of 200 euros for a light lit gourmet supper by night.

How Long Is It?

Cruising in the Seine River takes you around 776 Kilometers around the River. Regarding time, you could take up to 4 hours if you engage yourself in feasting and amusement exercises. A guest who is in a rush can just take about an hour!

4 Things to Bring on a Seine River Cruise by Night

Windproof Jacket

One of the things you ought to bring to a Seine River cruise is a windproof coat. During night hours strong breezes are prevailing in the Seine River. You, therefore, need to bring a decent Jacket that will keep you warm.

An Executive Camera

In the night, famous tourists’ attraction sites are noticeable at a distance. You, therefore, need to bring a good camera that can capture beautiful photos even during night hours. This will see you have a clear record of your Seine River Cruise.


It is essential for you to bring personal food. In spite of the fact that supper is served at the Cruise, it is advisable to have at least an individual packed food and beverages

Somebody, You Love

Paris is a "city of love, ” and you wouldn't fret conveying your sweetheart to the Seine River journey. Cruising along the Seine waterway with your sweetheart won't just observe you have a ton of fun yet additionally achieve a condition of happiness.


13. Vintage Shopping in the Marais


A shopping mall in Marais-Paris

Shopping is one of the fun things one can do in Paris. For you to get all types and high-quality dressings, drinks and ornaments among other items, hit Paris' vintage boutiques and other relevant stores. The stores offer different fashions, idealize retro shades, well-blended wine and significantly more things that will dependably influence you to look new whenever you purchase.

The Best Places to Shop in Marais


Fleux' is one of the spots you can shop in Marais. The store was opened in the year 2005. Fleux offers a plenty of beautifying and brilliant plan pieces. The pieces fill a need, for example, fowl snares, lights in old jugs and hand-formed bookends among others.

La Belle Hortense

This is where you can purchase a decent book and pleasant wine. Facilitating readings and scholarly occasions, the dividers are fixed with containers and papers, including new discharges, different volumes, autonomous verse and exemplary accumulations. The wine list is enormous and purchasing a bottle of each brand is less expensive as opposed to merely buying a class of it.


In this place, you will find perfect cookies, macaroons, and cupcakes – particularly those cooked by Lauren Koumetz, who is one of the former students of Christophe Michalak. For you to have sweet little sizable chunks or morello fruits finished with lemon, visit Popelini-it is situated at the core of Paris.

Les Vignoles

Les Vignoles stores offer beautiful Parisian and French things. In the store, you will discover beauticians, architects and other contemporary artisans roused by the city of life. Moreover, you will get every one of the things you require here. A portion of the items you can purchase incorporate, premium shirts, dresses on mold and ornamentals among other.

Other stores you can shop incorporate, for, vintage Bar, Refit Pan, Surface Air and Florian Denicourt among others.


14. Visit Jazz nightclub as Locals

A Jazz Night Club in Paris


Joining local people in jazz dance club can be something fascinating on your trek to Paris. There are such a colossal number of jazz dance club to visit in Paris. The significant part of going to the jazz clubs is that you will have the capacity to appreciate music that will wash away every one of your tensions.

The best Jazz nightclub to visit in Paris

Nightfall Sunside

This is outstanding amongst other jazz clubs to visit in Paris. It has a magnificent stage so near the group of onlookers. This encourages culminate cooperation between the performer and the crowd of onlookers. In this place, you will discover acoustic jazz performers, vocalists with decent voices, and universal piano players.

Le Petit Journal Montparnasse

It is situated in Montparnasse. This place has such a significant number of things to offer. For example, you can take dinner and a glass of wine as you enjoy great jazz. The jazz music program incorporates, musical, the famous metal groups, soul and traditional jazz aficionados among others.

Le Baiser Sale

This club has a sharp gathering blending jazz and funk. Its warm atmosphere influences you to feel at home. It was opened in the early 1980s. It is a simple club that offers impressive things to its customers. Apart from wine, you will have the capacity to enjoy fascinating combination of a few music styles.

La Triton

La Triton is a club with a flawless eatery, halls, and practice studio. At this place piano, Jazz, rock, saxophone, and world music are played in a soul of disclosure and transparency. Specialists can record their projects here.

Another phenomenal dance club to visit incorporate La Chope Des Poles, Les Disquaires, and Le Duc Des Lombards.


15.  Catch a Film at Le Louxor Cinema


Louxor Cinema

For you to have great fun in Paris, at that point, you shouldn't miss catching a film at Le Louxor Cinema. The place offers exceptionally fascinating and most recent movies. In the wake of a dull day strolls around the Paris city, you can settle there and have a ton of fun as you watch films that show items to your taste.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the Luxor Cinema is affordable. The regular visitors are required to pay an entry fee of 9 euros.

Opening Hours

The Cinema is opened from 10:00 am to 23:00 pm daily.


The official address of the Luxor Cinema is 175 Boulevard Magenta, Paris.  You can also access the information about the cinema on Le Louxor website.

Why Go to Catch a Film at Le Louxor Cinema?

 To watch the most recent Film.

Going to the cinema will see you watch the most recent films. Le Louxor dependably gets updates on the most recent movies in the market and heading off to this place gives you an affirmation of watching the latest films.

To have fun

Going to get a film at Le Louxor Cinema will see you get an extreme delight. Watching the new movies can be an ideal approach to pass the time during evening hours.

To Interact with Famous Artists

World-class artists visit the cinema once in a while. On the off chance that you have been longing to interact with one of them, attending Le Louxor film will fulfill your dreams.


Visit the First Nudist Restaurant in Paris

The First Nudist Restaurant in Paris


The first nudist restaurant is at long last open in Paris. It might sound ridiculous and unrealistic, but the truth of the matter is that you can now access nudist restaurant in Paris. It is so exciting and hilarious to eat when in your "natural suit" Perhaps someone may describe this it as a form of insanity, but it’s not.

The restaurant is officially named O'naturel and is found on lament de Gravelle in the twelfth arrondissement. It is spacious and can accommodate at least 40 guests at once. A meal in the eatery costs around 30 euros.

All the guests are expected to leave their garments in the wardrobe before proceeding to the dining area. The neighbors respect the nudist eatery. On that note, the more significant part of the Parisians is currently going to the nudist eatery once in a while.

On your trip to Paris, visiting the first nudist restaurant can be your peak place to have a fabulous time. Aside from taking supper in the eatery, you can also associate with amicable escorts who are continually eager to give you company, clinical massage and other services that can give you ultimate pleasure.





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