The Czech Republic Travel Guide

The Czech Republic is geographically small country; however, it possesses a dominant and rich history.

You will discover details about 7 most visited places by tourists in the Czech Republic.

The state is broadly widespread, from Czechs, Germans, Jews, and Slovaks, as well as Italian and stucco workers, French traders and soldiers even from the army of Napoleon, all have all lived, spent lives and worked here. And for many decades they commonly fertilized their land, creating jobs that still holds appreciation even today.

The Czech Republic is comprised of a vast amount of magical architectural gems, as well as cheerful greenery and heights. In recent years, Czech Republic has become one of fascinating tourism destinations not only in the Europe but also in the whole world due to its incredible monuments, parks, and other attractions.

Another compelling reason to visit the country is that it is included in the European Union and Schengen nations, due to which there is no need for the visa for 90 days if you are traveling from EU or Schengen country only with valid passport and documents. However, there is need to seek a permit if you wish to tour from a non-EU or Schengen country to the Czech Republic.

Why choose the Czech Republic for a visit?

The Czech Republic doesn't let down travelers opting for a real spice of Central Europe. Because of its density and courtesy of a first-rate, excellent public transit system, it is a convenient place for locomotion, specifically for the people who have a plan to spend a significant amount of their time figuring out the country's fascinating cities, most especially the capital city, Prague.

While Prague grows and boasts an excessive quantity of brilliant attractions, main spotlight of a tour to the Czech country includes many beautiful national level parks and historical places whereas, one of the most popular named Bohemian Paradise, an area of stunning natural alluring specified by several outstanding rock formations and numerous elegant ancient castles.

Hrubá Skála Chateau - Czech Paradise, really worth for a trip
Hrubá Skála Chateau - Czech Paradise, really worth for a trip

In the same way, you would get around many old towns, villages and urban locations.

Welcoming nature & famous castles

People in the Czech Republic have always been welcoming and cordially greet the tourists in their country. It is their friendly nature which persuades millions of visitors from different countries around the globe to the Czech Republic. Similarly, The Czech Republic is famous for the adoring and influencing architectural viewpoints, almost all of which are well maintained by the authorities throughout the past many centuries.

Some of the most famous castles which have been the center of attraction for the local and foreign tourists include Karlštejn Castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, and Lednice Chateau.

Lednice Chateau - South Moravia
Lednice Chateau - South Moravia

Traditional foods and cuisine

The Czech Republic does not only have the rich history, culture, architecture, and monuments but the diversified flavor food also has its features. The overwhelming majority of the food here has the specified ingredients like pork or beef meat, whereas the most commonly liked being Dumpling.

Other side dishes are made mainly from wheat, flour, lamb, chicken, duck, rabbit and rice.

Traditional and widely loved dishes include Svičková and soups like Česneková polévka. There are also famous salads which are equally enjoyed by local and foreign tourists, and it is one’s choice to use sugar for salad or even eat sugarless.


Bohemia is westernmost of the Czech Republic and most historical enriched area of the Czech Republic. Almost all the tourists who once visited the Czech Republic have the Bohemia tour on the top of their list. Bohemia covers an area of 20,102 sq mi with a population of around 7 million.

Places to see in the Czech republic

1) Prague

Prague: which is the capital city, also known as a city of Hundred Spires, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has many districts with each has its specific properties and unique charm. Despite the fact, the town was destroyed during the second world war, but its rebuilding process was shortly started, and all the devastated ancient buildings and memorable places were reconstructed. From the largest castle of the world, the Prague Castle to the Astronomical Clock, and from the tremendous street art to cafes, bars, and terraces, Prague is filled with all what you look to freshen yourself up in a new country.

The Prague is not the only attraction in the country, and there is much other worth seeing placing that tempts the tourists to pay a visit, like Karlštejn castle is the famous and ancient castle that was found back in 1348 CE and was built upon promontory from the side of Knezi Hora hill. It is the masterpiece of architecture of past times and connected with rampart transverse with the help of small portal. It is one of the most famous things in the whole Czech Republic, and millions of visitors pay a visit to this castle every year. Check out nice online travel guide about Prague.

2) Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov: It is a tiny but charming city situated in the Southern region of Bohemia and bisected by Vltava river. It is mainly dominated by an old cast from as long as the back 13th century.

Český Krumlov - Czech Republic
Český Krumlov - Czech Republic

The best thing about the city is its moderate weather, peaks and low cost of hotels for the accommodation of the tourists.

3) Krkonoše Mountains

Pančava Waterfall - Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains
Pančava Waterfall - Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains

Love of Czech Republicans for hiking is never hidden from the world and due to which the country is fulled with many hiking and even trails.

Krkonose Mountains and Sněžka are considered as most traditional and mainstream places for relaxation and hiking which has made them an automatic choice for the tourists to spend their vacations.

Another feature of Krkonose Mountains is that they are adjacent to the border of Poland and the Czech Republic to link up both the countries. However, the cross-border hiking trail is currently open only for Polish and Czech Republic citizens.

4) Spa areas

Spas in Karlovy vary
Spas in Karlovy vary

Spa traditions in the Czech Republic are recognized from the old times like as old as hundred of years. Unlike resort areas of the other countries of the Europe, spa places in the Czech Republic are peaceful, quiet and calm. For this, there are unique cities in the country like, Karlovy Vary which is the most famous spa town. But other cities like Mariánské lázně and Františkovy Spas are also not behind and are surrounded by large mountainous peaks with a chilling atmosphere for the tourists.
And not only spa parks, but these little cities also have beautiful green meadows, hotels and even charming pavilions designed mainly to promote tourism.

5) Moravia

They say if Bohemia loves beer then Moravia love wine, such is the significance of this place. Moravia is located in the south-eastern zone of the country and is relatively smaller than Bohemia, Moravia does not only have rolling hills and magnificent landscapes, but it has many villages which are filled with natural vineyards which make the city to be called a “country of wine” by many. Moravia has beautiful places like Brno.

6) Brno

Brno city - Places to see in the Czech republic
Brno city - Places to see in the Czech republic

It is the second largest city in the Czech Republic concerning population and density, and it is also the capital city of Moravia. The city was founded in the year as back as 1000 and now considered as one of the most modern towns in the country with great economic, various higher educational institutions, monuments and historical architecture signs. Brno has the population of around 0.4 million people who are extremely welcoming whereas the city is surrounded by the natural landscapes, vineyards, and peaks which make the city a very persuading place to visit.



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