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Europe Tourism

Journey to Europe for recreational and tourism purposes is such a wonderful feat that it ought to be a subsidised ritual of passage for each and every single individual around the globe. 
You would find everything here, from custom, traditions, culture and tremendous history to fantastic life in dark but shiny nights, delicious food, worth seeing & eye charming villages, and fascinating atmosphere. 
Are you the one who is still only imagining about the same European vacation that you have promised yourself ever since childhood and college life? Oh dear, what about stop dreaming, getting back to the world of realities and start making a plan for your trip to Europe right now.

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Why travelling to Europe is indispensable?

Here, we have piled up some of the countless reasons which will guide you what would you miss if you don’t travel to Europe.

Dominant history & architecture

History, architecture and culture have been very penetrating in Europe for quite some time, and ancient buildings and historical places will prove it.
Europe Tourism - Italy
Europe - Italy
Europe was named after Greek mythology Europa which means which is the name of ancient Phoenician princess or the queen of Crete. Studies show that the signs of European culture can be found through oldest poets of the continent whereas the Romans have a firm believe that their city was founded in 753 BC.
From the old times until 20th century, European nations rules or had been ruled over by different nations of the world and the great world Wars saw the great destruction in all over the Europe.
But post world wars, the world observed tremendous advancement and progression in European society, where old historic buildings were rebuilt, forts were enhanced and maintained and memories from thousands of years of ago were restored.

Europe formed the European Union and combined different countries under one roof, and that’s how the motive of mutual development and progress was achieved more rapidly. Talk about modernity and modern history, from the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin to The Colosseum in Rome, from the ancient Acropolis in Athens to Notre Dama de Paris, and from Prague’s old town to The Buckingham Palace in London, the Europe has a long history of somewhat 3000 years of human civilisation.

Notre Dame Paris - Europe
Notre Dame - Paris, Europe

The Europe has very vast and wide spaces, naturally worthy meadows, sky towering heights and beautiful open skies. Nature has always been generous in the Europe, and that’s the reason it has shown it’s love for the continent in the shape of the heart, a beautiful island called Island of love in Zadar, Croatia.
And that’s not all, and you simply won’t want to miss the extraordinary sight of Lake Schlegeis in The Alps, Austria, similarly, from the snow filled peaks of the Swiss Alps to colourful attractions of the Laguna di Venezia in Venice, Europe is utterly covered with eye-opening scenery and amazing natural landscapes.
In the same way, the Architecture has always been a display of way of life and spirit of the times in which it grows and arises up. Numerous states throughout the Europe (Paris, Rome, Athens, Venice, Amsterdam and many others) are a perfect illustration of how the memories and spirit of an era are still living through the architecture of buildings constructed in this time span. It can be said without any doubt that, as far as travelling to Europe is concerned, the architecture is a source of transmission of information about the history and the element that recognises the city, nation and country.

Geography and Weather

Europe covers an area of 3,930,000 square miles expanding from Asia to Atlantic and from Africa to the Arctic, greets around 500 million visitors each year and countries in the European Union are considered as nothing less than paradise to attract the travellers. It is also worth mentioning that Europe is surrounded by oceans from three sides whereas the Mediterranean Sea is the most famous beach and coastal destination for the foreign and local travellers because of its climate.

Europe has very diversified demographics with several highest and lowest points located on the continent while the longest river is Volga river which occupies somewhere near 3,530 km of the density. Climate and weather also vary from state to state, and overall climate can be considered as temperate which is unique and makes the Europe different from other parts of the world.

The majority of the rainfall occurs in the Alps whereas The Mediterranean has the highest exposure hours to the sun. Winters are relatively colder in the Europe which is why Summers are considered as perfect part of the year to visit the European countries, in Summers, the temperature in Germany and France ranges from 18 to 30-degree centigrade, however, it’s consistency cannot be guaranteed. From June to later part of September, the temperature remains mild and tourism friendly, and the average is around 26 to 39 degree centigrade in the countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal, etc.

The food

In the Europe, there are many cuisines present right according to the variety of tastes, if you are pizza fan, how could you forget Italian pizza or an excellent lobster pizza from the Restaurante Margherita in Barcelona? Looking for traditional and custom specified food? There’s nothing better than Currywurst in Munich, Creme Catalan from Catalonia and Cevapi which is one of the most famous dishes widely available almost everywhere in all over Croatia.
And of course, this was only a brief list of traditional foods in Europe, since the continent has the diversity of nations from all over the world, you can seek and quickly figure out the food of your local taste.

Transportation and mobility options

Fortunately travelling from and to European countries is relatively convenient due to the agreements like Schengen and European Union treaty. If you get a visa for one Schengen country, you can travel in all the countries under the Schengen agreement. However, not all the European Union countries fall under Schengen category which is something to be kept in mind before further arrangements.
Like in other sectors, transportation is also extremely developed and amazingly rapid which does not only save time but makes travelling a pleasant experience. Most widely preferred ways of transportation include:


Trains are very compatible and fast source of travelling, and at times, it is observed they save your more time as compared to the whole process of getting in and out to the airport and then the airplane. Most particularly in Western and Central Europe, trains are quickest and cost effective as well where there are many discounts available for travellers from abroad on advance booking, however, on spot ticketing could be a bit expensive.


Aeroplanes are the second most famous mode of transport as observed by studies for the tourists. Similar to trains, airlines offer several discounts in different parts of years for the customers who look to buy tickets over the internet. Another benefit of travelling through air is that you may face very few immigration and customs checks if you have the legal status and visa of one European country and you are looking to go in the other.


Buses are most appropriate for short trips and the tour within the boundary of a particular country. For example, for travelling from coastline to the park, a bus may be perfect and new bus services have all the comfort and latest services like the internet, reclining seats, etc.

The countries you must visit in Europe

The United Kingdom

The UK always has a limitless ability to fascinate, excite and attract due to its rich history, heritage and caste diversification. From perfection of food to accommodation, from coast to hills and from festivals to celebrations, The UK is just unmatched. London, which is the capital of England, also the largest capital in Europe, it is the city with most beautiful monuments and landscapes, and there is hardly any place around which does not have any significance. Historical landmarks like  Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Duke of York Column, Peter Pan Statue, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, classy museums and galleries like Royal Opera House, the British Museum, Tate Modern and the London Eye add to the wonders of the city.
Tower Bridge - London
Tower Bridge - London


The country is famous for its historical, cultural legacy and ancient enrichment and possesses one of the most beautiful landscapes, art treasures and pieces of architectures in all over Europe.
Rome is the most vibrant city and former heart of mighty Roman Empire, and it is the honour of Rome that it has one of the world’s seven wonders that is the Colosseum, followed by the Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill. And not only that, the city has some of the world’s most visited monuments including, Pantheon, Altar of the Fatherland, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona.


France maintained a status of the physically diversified country which welcomes millions of visitors every year. Each and every specific region here looks unique and contains its significance, characteristics and dialect. Paris is the boldest and alluring city in the country, and there was a time when it was known only for its historical importance, but modernity has totally changed the shape of the city.
Regarding where to go in the Paris, there are plenty of options waiting for you, including the memorable Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramide, Musée d’Orsay,  Arc de Triomphe, Opéra-Garnier and Jardin des Plantes.

Czech Republic

Located in the centre of the Europe, Czech Republic has made its name because of its tremendous architectural magic, fantastic beer and writter Kafka. Prague is the most prominent place in the country with its hedonistic and cynical fame. Famous monuments and tourists places of Prague are comprised of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Loreta, Vyšehrad castleJan Hus Monument, National Memorial on Vítkov and National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror.
Prague Old Town
Prague - Old Town


Spain is not only famous for its Football League, rather it has some seriously surprising tourism parks and streets that won’t take long to make you addicted. Barcelona is most vibrant and lively city in the country with the second rank in population. It's sublime art museums, bar, pubs, galleries and delicious restaurants needs no introduction at all. Most favourite places to visit in Barcelona are, Ramblas, Museu Picasso, La Ribera, El Raval, Monumental Bullring of Barcelona, and Cascada Monumental.


World famous musical nights, Alpine scenery and monumental architecture, that’s all that are the features of Austria. Early twentieth century saw the most dramatic changes in the country, and now most adventurous meadows, museums and sophisticated cafes and clubs speak louder than words about the beauty of the country.
The Lunar Lake, Austria, Europe

Cheerful life, relaxed environment, piece of mind, smooth civilisation, outstanding architecture, brilliant history, diversified physical capacity, jaw-dropping heights, mesmerising natural beauty and warm greetings, that’s all the features of Europe and that’s why it is highly recommended for you to start planning and initiate packing bags for your trip to Europe in next vacations. Once who visited the Europe has claimed positive and overwhelming alteration in his lifestyle, and that’s all that you will miss if you still do not tour the wonderful Europe.

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