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If you still dream about experiencing something extraordinary and have never visited Europe before, it is time to add European continent to your travel itinerary. In many ways, Europe is very interesting area for tourists, attracted mainly by its history, artistic creation and cultural monuments. However, the relaxation factor can not be overlooked, as the frequent reason to visit Europe from the perspective of tourists is to stay at the sea (central Mediterranean) or in the mountains (Alpine region).

Absolute amazing video from Ryan Harrison - 22 countries in Europe

Europe is the most developed of all the continents in the tourism sector - the reason is that it is the most densely populated continent, it is the most economically developed (especially the western part), it is related to the permanent high living standard of the European population, quality infrastructure and relatively high security and stability of European countries.

What tourists are traveling to Europe?

The Americans and the Japanese are the most visitors of the Europe. Europeans themselves also travel quite often across Europe, and the Germans, the French and the British are the most active in tourism.

Tourism trips of residence in Europe
Statistic - Europe tourism trips of residents


Where to stay in Europe?

Europe as a whole continent is divided into 5 basic subregions (Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean including Greece, Cyprus and Turkey). The most important subregion is Western Europe, where the material and technical base is really awsome, you will find there the best hotels, services, catering, but also a healthy policy of access to the cultural heritage.

As mentioned above, France is the most visited country in Europe. Next in rank are Spain, Italy, but also Greece. Unfortunately, the pollution of the Mediterranean is growing, for example in Croatia, but also the Italian side of the Mediterranean, is increasing.

The most visited countries are France, Spain and Italy.

Recently, there also have been previously neglected countries such as Hungary, Poland, and especially the Czech Republic. The reason is to improve service quality, affordability even in the best hotels, restaurants and services in general.

There is also growing interest in Scandinavian countries, which are highly rated for cleanliness of the environment.

The traditional United Kingdom, dominated by London and southern England, has seen a growing interest in Scotland as well.

West Europe

Where to stay in West Europe? As has been said, the most interesting countries are France, Spain, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. What can you expect in these states as a tourist? Above all, it's cultural heritage where one looks. Most famous painters, sculptors, composers, writers, actors, artists of all kinds and generations.

I. Italy

Italy - Rome, Where to stay in Europe
Italy - Rome, Di Trevi fountain

Everyone had to hear about Rome in their lives. On the left picture is the famous Di Trevi fountain, which is one of Rome's most sought-after sights - after Colloseum and Forum Romanum.

Why to visit Italy? 

Because there is everything. Italy, it's not just a country, it's a feeling of life. Whoever enchants this country will no longer give up. Unbelievable culture, picturesque cities, the best beaches in summer and the best mountains in the winter.

Italy is the cradle of European civilization, and individual rulers have done everything to leave behind their best artistic and cultural treasures. That's why the visitor is at every step on the historical monuments in Italy.

Which cities you should definitely not omit in Italy?

1. Rome

Rome - where to stay in Europe
Rome - where to stay in Europe

The best museum in the world that you have in the open air. Don't forget to visit sightseeing attractions such as the Colosseum, Basilica of saint Peter, the Trevi Fountain and almost totally preserved Pantheon. In Rome, there is a separate state of the Vatican, the seat of the Pope.
Do not forget to enjoy the stroll of the beautiful aisle of Rome and sit in some outdoor cafes, sit in a chair facing the street, enjoy delicious Italian coffee and wine and watch just the rush of the city around you - just like any Italian.

"All the roads lead to Rome".


2. Venice

A remarkable place on the water (on the sea). 

Venice has the most artworks per square kilometer. Piazza San Marco with its impressive basilica or Ponte dei sospiri is worth a visit. You can also borrow a gondola and enjoy a romantic run through the waterways of Venice.

In nowadays, local residents have complained about excess tourism and lack of privacy. Please respect their wishes, get quiet wheels on your suitcases, collect your garbages, and generally be considerate to a small place that is so busy with tourists.

Venice - Italy, Where to stay in Europe
Venice - Italy


3. Verona

Fantastic place and the famous city of Romeo and Juliet's stories.

Every romantic soul must come here. Here you can find remnants of once beautiful Roman castles. From Verona, it is also a short walk to the charming mountains - the Italian Alps and the Italian lake Garda.

Verona: Italy - Where to stay in Europe
Verona, beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet

4. Florence

Florence - where to stay in Europe
Florence - where to stay in Europe

Do Gucci and Ferragamo ring a bell? Yes, those famous brands are born in this city; a city that doesn’t only speak about fashion but about art as well.

The Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Museo Stefano Bardini, and Palazzo Vecchio are just some of the popular places you can visit to adore art.

On the other hand, if you are the nature loving person, the Bardini Gardens is just right for you.

II. Spain

“Fiesta” is the Spanish word for Festival. It is said to be one of the most favorite Spanish word as the Spain itself is a grand fiesta.

From the Flamenco dance to Tomato Fight, everyone has enjoyed Spain even more. But there’s more to Spain than Fiestas and here are some cities that can give you excitement and will make you want to visit Spain.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona - where to stay in Europe
Barcelona - where to stay in Europe

With its breathtaking architecture to some of the city’s famous landmarks like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Milà; Barcelona is also known to have stunning beaches like Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, and Bogatell Beach.

On the other hand, for fashion lover out there, the best time to visit this city is from January to February (winter sale) and mind June to August (summer sale). Make sure to grab those sales as discounts can be as low as 75% off. Passeig de Gracia, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria are just some of the best shopping areas.

2. Madrid

Madrid - where to stay in Europe
Madrid - Spain

Plaza Mayor will definitely be on the top of tourist spots list of this city. This, being the center of Madrid, is a place where you can dine, shop, or just watch people come and go.

Some controversial events also took place in Plaza Mayor, like bullfights, ritual condemnations during the Spanish Inquisition, executions, and a large fire that destroyed the square back then.

3. Ibiza






if you want a night life, then make sure to visit Gran Via, as they say, it is 
a “Street that never sleeps.” You can 
watch Broadway, dine on the nicest restaurants and try the local dish cocidomadrileno, bar hopping, 
shopping, and watch cinema.