Europe Travel Guide - Where to stay in Europe

If you still dream about experiencing something extraordinary and have never visited Europe before, it is time to add European continent to your travel itinerary.

In many ways, Europe is a fascinating area for tourists, attracted mainly by its history, artistic creation and cultural monuments.

However, the relaxation factor cannot be overlooked, as the frequent reason to visit Europe from the perspective of tourists is to stay at sea (central Mediterranean) or in the mountains (Alpine region).

This guide is long, because Europe is a fantastic and has lots of beautiful places. You can skip the intro and go straight to the section:

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Where to stay in Europe?
Where to stay in Europe? For example in Paris.

Europe is the most developed of all the continents in the tourism sector - the reason is that it is the most densely populated continent. Also, it is the most economically advanced (especially the western part), it is related to the permanent high living standard of the European population, quality infrastructure and relatively high security and stability of European countries.

What are the tourists traveling to Europe?

The Americans and the Japanese are the most visitors of the Europe. Europeans themselves also travel quite often across Europe, and the Germans, the French and the British are the most active in tourism.

Statistic - Europe tourism trips of residents
Statistic - Europe tourism trips of residents. Source:

Europe as a whole continent is divided into five primary subregions (Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Mediterranean including Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey). The essential subregion is Western Europe, where the material and the technical base is fantastic, you will find there the best hotels, services, catering, but also a healthy policy of access to the cultural heritage.

Where to stay in Europe at best? By this statistic, the most visited countries are France, Spain, and Italy.

As mentioned above, France is the most visited country in Europe. Next in rank are Spain, Italy, but also Greece. Unfortunately, the pollution of the Mediterranean is growing, for example in Croatia, but also the Italian side of the Mediterranean is increasing.

Recently, there also have been previously neglected countries such as Hungary, Poland, and notably the Czech Republic. The reason is to improve service quality, affordability even in the best hotels, restaurants, and services in general.

There is also growing interested in Scandinavian countries, which are highly rated for cleanliness of the environment.

The traditional United Kingdom, dominated by London and southern England, has seen a growing interest in Scotland as well.

West Europe

Where to stay in West Europe? As has been said, the most exciting countries are France, Spain, Great Britain, and Italy. What can you expect in these states as a tourist? Above all, it's cultural heritage where one looks. Most famous painters, sculptors, composers, writers, actors, artists of all kinds and generations.

1. Italy

Everyone had to hear about Rome in their lives. On the left picture is the famous Di Trevi fountain, which is one of Rome's most sought-after sights - after Colosseum and Forum Romanum.

Why visit Italy?

Because there is everything. Italy, it's not just a country, it's a feeling of life. Whoever enchants this nation will no longer give up. Unbelievable culture, picturesque cities, the best beaches in summer and the best mountains in the winter.

Italy is the cradle of European civilization, and only rulers have done everything to leave behind their best artistic and cultural treasures. That's why the visitor is at every step on the historical monuments in Italy.

Which cities should you probably not omit in Italy?


Rome - Italy
Rome - the Forum Romanum

The best museum in the world that you have in the open air. Don't forget to visit sightseeing attractions such as the ColosseumBasilica of Saint Peterthe Trevi Fountain and almost preserved entirely Pantheon. In Rome, there is a separate state of the Vatican, the seat of the Pope.

Do not forget to enjoy the stroll of the beautiful aisles of Rome and sit in some outdoor cafes, sit in a chair facing the street, enjoy delicious Italian coffee and wine and watch just the rush of the city around you - just like any Italian.

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Venice - the Grand Canal, Italy
Venice - the Grand Canal, Italy

A remarkable place on the water (on the sea).

Venice has the most artworks per square kilometer. Piazza San Marco with its impressive basilica or Ponte dei sospiri is worth a visit. You can also borrow a gondola and enjoy a romantic run through the waterways of Venice.

In nowadays, residents have complained about excess tourism and lack of privacy. Please respect their wishes, get quiet wheels on your suitcases, collect your garbages, and be considerate of a small place that is so busy with tourists.

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Verona - Italy
Verona - Italy

Fantastic place and the famous town of Romeo and Juliet's stories.

Every romantic soul must come here. Here you can find remnants of once beautiful Roman castles. From Verona, it is also a short walk to the beautiful mountains - the Italian Alps and the Italian Lake Garda.

Hotels near the Romeo and Juliet place are here :) btw - the exact spot is: Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona (google maps link)


Florence - Italy
Florenc - Italy

Do Gucci and Ferragamo ring a bell? Yes, those famous brands are born in this city; a city that doesn’t only speak about fashion but about art as well.

The Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Museo Stefano Bardini, and Palazzo Vecchio are just some of the favorite places you can visit to adore art.

On the other hand, if you are the nature loving person, the Bardini Gardens is just right for you.

Tips for excellent hotels near the Piazza Della Signoria

2. Spain

“Fiesta” is the Spanish word for Festival. It is said to be one of the most favorite Spanish words as the Spain itself is a grand fiesta. From the Flamenco dance to Tomato Fight, everyone has enjoyed Spain even more. But there’s more to Spain than Fiestas and here are some cities that can give you excitement and will make you want to visit Spain.


Barcelona - Spain
Barcelona - Spain

With its breathtaking architecture to some of the city’s famous landmarks like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milà; Barcelona is also known to have stunning beaches like Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, and Bogatell Beach.

On the other hand, for fashion lover out there, the best time to visit this city is from January to February (winter sale) and mind June to August (summer sale). Make sure to grab those deals as discounts can be as low as 75% off. Passeig de Gracia, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria are just some of the best shopping areas.

Top relaxing hotels in Barcelona


Madrid - Spain
Madrid - Spain

Plaza Mayor will definitely be on the top of tourist spots list of this city. This spot is the center of Madrid, is a place where you can dine, shop, or just watch people come and go.

Some controversial events also took place in Plaza Mayor, like bullfights, ritual condemnations during the Spanish Inquisition, executions, and a massive fire that destroyed the square back then.

Moreover, if you want nightlife, then make sure to visit Gran Via, as they say, it is a “Street that never sleeps”.

You can watch Broadway, dine at the most delightful restaurants and try the local dish "cocidomadrileno", bar hopping, shopping, and watch cinema.

Cheap, but quality hotels in the center of Madrid


Ibiza - Spain
Ibiza - for lazy holiday in Spain

Loving that party life? Then this place is right for you. From numbers of beaches, bars, and restaurants, one can never get bored during the night. Take it from Mike Posner’s song, “I Took A Pill in Ibiza.”

However, nightlife is not the only thing you can do in the city. You can also see some history from the Dalt Vila UNESCO site and Ibiza Cathedral. Relaxation is also one of the best things to do in the city as they offer a lot of spas to choose.

Favorite places where to stay in Ibiza can find here

3. France

Having croissants for breakfast, eating crepes at any time of the day, and toasting a glass of champagne with your family and friends, are just one of the most beautiful way to experience in this beautiful country. Check out this nice online travel guide about France.

From foods, fashion, art, Alpine hiking, and architectures, no wonder why a lot of people are dreaming of visiting France. Check some of the most popular city in this country:


Paris - France
Paris - Arc de Triomphe

The dream destination of a lot of people who loves fashion, art, or something fancy. It is known to be the city of love with the most iconic Eiffel Tower. Aside from that, don’t forget to visit the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, and of course, the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Paris.

Hotels in Paris with right ratio price and quality


Chamonix - France
Chamonix - France

For mountaineering activity, Mont Blanc, being the highest mountain peak in Europe is one of the best mountains to go. From skiing or just chilling in the cable car and see the panoramic view of the city, this place is definitely one of the best in the country.

Hotels with excellent views of Mont Blanc


Cannes - France
Cannes - France

Known for its Film Festival, famous movies stars from all over the world have been visiting the place annually. It is a place to feel some luxurious lifestyle as the city comes with private beaches, yachts, elegant restaurants and hotels.

Boulevard de la Croisette is just one of the many grand places in the city. On the contrary, there are some places to go to, as well, if you are not the luxurious type of person. There are budget hotels which also offers an excellent view and access to beach and train stations; Ideal Sejour Hotel, Hotel des Congres et Festivals and Hotel Ibis Cannes Centre (attractive price for this location) are some of those.


For some rural feel, this city is the perfect place to go. That deep blue sea easily attracts the swimmers and make them feel calm and at peace while forgetting the busy city streets.

Check here some beautiful hotels in Nice

4. Netherlands

One can never underestimate what a small country can give you. Netherlands may be tiny, but you’ll be captivated by its beauty.

Since it is a flat country, they are encouraging their locals, and tourists as well to explore the cities by biking.
You can enjoy the sight at no transportation cost at all.


Amsterdam - beauty of canals
Amsterdam - beauty of canals

The city is known for its many canals, and one of the great ways to roam around the city is by riding a cruise.

The city also has some excellent museums, parks, and markets. To mention a few, there are Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House.

Stay close to the city center in these nice hotels


Rotterdam - indeed a modern city
Rotterdam - indeed a modern city

Since the city is Europe’s biggest port, the best way to experience the city is by Harbor tours. Take a Spido Harbor Tour, and you’ll see great architecture and the city’s modern skyline.

Furthermore, there are also Splashtours which will take you to landmarks such as Erasmus bridge, Euromast, and cube houses. Lastly, don’t forget to have a tour inside the SS Rotterdam as this is the most significant passenger ship ever built on Dutch soil.

And this is a nice and modern city.

14 excellent hotels in Rotterdam city center


Utrecht - Netherland
Utrecht - Netherland

Why go to Utrecht? The heart of Netherlands and which according to BBC travel is the fourth happiest place the world.

The city has the wharf system in its inner canal, which make them unique among other canal cities.

You can enjoy the city’s beautiful architectures, museums, and stores for shopping.

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5. Germany

A country that has a significant share of the world’s history; from names like Adolf Hitler, Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Beethoven, and the Brothers Grimm, all of them came from Germany. From breathtaking sceneries to discoveries of local delicacies, this country should be on your travel goal list.


Berlin - Germany
Berlin - Germany

The Berlin wall and Holocaust Memorial just shows how precious is the city’s history. Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra are also some of the proudest things that this city has.

Other Berlin top tourist attractions are Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Fernsehturm, and Alexanderplatz. While for animal lovers, you can visit Berlin Zoological Garden.

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Munich - Germany
Munich - Germany

Oktoberfest is just one of the grandest event in the city where people from anywhere around the globe gathers and have a toast.

Aside from beer party, the city also has a great set of architecture on some of its landmarks, like The Church of St. Peter, Nymphenburg Palace, and Residenz castles.

Nice Munich hotels are here


Bremen - Germany
Bremen - Germany

The city is known to be a commercial center for its role in maritime trade. It also has gain popularity in its cultural events such as Freimarkt, Vision Parade, Techno Music Festival, and the International Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Elegant hotels in Bremen


Hamburg - Germany
Hamburg - Germany

The gateway to the world,” as they say. Hamburg is Germany’s most prominent port. You can feel that you’re near the water just by seeing the city’s architecture, local delicacies and the cry of gulls.

Very nice Hamburg hotels here

6. Portugal

If you are someone who loves wine, well this country is right for you. Though the state is not that popular when it comes to wine, they happened to receive most prestigious awards. If you give this country a chance, you might get the best wine at an affordable price.

Saying this makes it evident that the country is underrated; however, there are a lot of reasons why you should include Portugal on your travel lists.


Lisbon - Portugal
Lisbon - Portugal

If you love drinking alcohol, then this is the right place. The city has cheap liquors, and you can even experience the Bairro Alto neighborhood where you can drink, have friends, dance all the way on its street.

Lisbon also has some great museums and chapels just like in the other places in Europe. Some of these are Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, St. George’s castle, Berardo Museum, and the World’s Most Expensive chapel.

Check out these nice hotels in Lisbon


Aveiro - Portugal
Aveiro - Portugal

Colorful boats are what this city is known for. How can you resist those painted gondola-style ships? Might as well, jump on to that and explore the city. Boats are not the only colorful ones in the town; there are also those cute Art Nouveau houses in pastel colors.

Most colorful hotels can be found here


Braga - Portugal
Braga - Portugal

As one of the oldest cities in the country, it also has a good part of the religious history. Most of the visited tourist attractions in the town are religiously related such as Bom Jesus de Monte, Bom Jesus de Monte Funicular, Braga Cathedral, and Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro.

Try to find the most popular hotels here


Albufeira - Portugal
Albufeira - Portugal

The place has a lot of stunning beaches that is why it is one of the most visited sites in the country for holiday destinations. From different beach activities such as cave exploration, dolphin watching, a cruise with a BBQ party, jet boat, jet ski, and more; this city has proved to be perfect for family and friends.

Tip for Albufeira hotels near the beaches

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the grandest places you can go to in Europe. A lot of people have put this country on their travel goal list, and they made a perfect choice as this place has a lot to offer.

It is one of the most influential countries in the world definitely one of the coolest place to go. See some famous cities below:


London - The United Kingdom
London - the Tower Bridge

The Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Hampton Court Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and London Bridge are just some of the many popular destinations in the city, and I bet these places are all familiar to you.

Moreover, if you are a Harry Potter fan, I am sure that you have dreamt of visiting this city. From Platform 9'1/2 to the Official Set Tour, you’ll be undoubtedly thrilled just to think that this might happen.

Quality hotels in London (our searching)


Manchester - the UK
Manchester - the UK

This city is undoubtedly vibrant when it comes to history. From having history lessons from the city’s famous museums to going to ancient meeting houses, visiting world’s oldest public library, this town has it all.

Some famous landmarks are Museum of Science and Industry, John Rylands Library, National Football Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Museum and Albert’s Square.

Nice hotels near the city centrum here


Bristol - where to stay in Europe
Bristol - where to stay in Europe

Clifton Suspension Bridge will definitely one of the most refreshing bridge you would want to visit. It may make you dizzy, but you will admire the great view as well. This city has modern museums as well.

If you are thinking where to stay in Europe and in the the Bristol - check out these friendly 4-star hotels - more pictures and prices


Glasgow city in Scotland
Glasgow city in Scotland

Art appreciation is also famous in this city, from modern art to Hi-tech interactives. Do visit these places if you liked those kinds of art: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Riverside Museum and Gallery of Modern Art

Where to stay in Glasgow? Check out these interesting hotels in Glasgow

If you want to know more about the UK, read our nice travel guide about the United Kingdom.

Middle Europe


1. Austria

If you are into Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss music, then you should visit this country. They are born from this country which is reflected with Baroque architectures and Imperial history. See some cities below for you to have an idea on where is the best place to stay in Austria. And of course the beauty of Alps.


Vienna - Austria
Vienna - Austria

The capital of the country and is the exact city on which Mozart and Beethoven are from. To experience the Baroque impressions, some places to visit are Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg, and Belverde.

If you are looking where to stay in Europe, try Vienna and these romantic hotels in the city center.


Salzburg - a very nice city near the Alps
Salzburg - a very nice city near the Alps

We love Salzburg, almost like Innsbruck above. A museum displaying Mozart’s childhood instruments is in this city as this is the birthplace of Mozart. But aside from that other tourist attractions also include Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art and Salzburg Zoo. Salzburg is also a very romantic town with a beautiful castle at the foot of the Alps.

We recommend these hotels in Salzburg


Innsbruck - in summer times is also beautiful
Innsbruck - in summer times is also beautiful

The Olympia SkiWorld has a combination of eight ski resorts, so if you are into winter sports then do visit this city. Aside from that, there is also a Bergisel Ski Jump, but this is only for professionals. Innsbruck is also a charming town, with a beautiful historic center overlooking the Hafelekar mountain, where we recommend taking a cableway in the summer months. Near the Innsbruck, you can also find beautiful Achensee lake which is far away from Innsbruck approx 40 km (30 miles).

Check out these romantic hotels in Innsbruck


Graz - historical city on the way to Croatia
Graz - historical city on the way to Croatia

The town is known for its Italian Renaissance and medieval buildings. Popular attractions in the place are The Schlossberg, Armory, Eggenberg Palace, and Kunsthaus Graz. If you plan to go to Croatia (to the sea by car) in the summer months, from Vienna or Prague, where there are large international airports, and you are already full of historical experiences and city corners, you will definitely stop here during your trip, in Graz.

Fantastic Graz hotels are here

2. Belgium

Known for Renaissance architectures, this multilingual country may be small, but there are a lot great things inside of it.


Bruges and water canals
Bruges and water canals

Belfry and Halle would definitely be one of the famous sites in the country. You will have a breathtaking feeling as you will have a taste of the Middle Ages Architectures. Moreover, the Basilica of the Holy Blood is also one of the most important places to visit as it is said to have a drop of Jesus Christ’s blood. And, of course, fantastic water canals where you feel like in Venice.

Don't miss these romantic hotels in Bruges


Brussel - Belgium
Brussel - Belgium

Don’t miss the Manneken Pis, an iconic bronze statue of a naked boy. Meanwhile, the Grand Place is the center of the city, and it is surrounded by city’s Town Hall and a building that has the Museum of the City.

Top cute hotels in City of Brussels

3. Croatia

Like most of the European countries, this country offers a fascinating architecture and a good history. It is said that people from this place are friendly and hospitable which makes the tourists come back over again. And many tourists also travel due to the beautiful azure sea!


Zagreb - Croatia
Zagreb - Croatia

The capital of the country that got all that you need. Delicious local foods, beautiful architectures, and has an appreciation for arts and music. Museum of Broken Relationships is just one of the unique museum to visit.

Tips for substancial hotels in Zagreb


Dubrovnik - Croatia
Dubrovnik - Croatia

The City Walls & Forts should be the first thing you’ll visit too. The 1990 damage can be felt thru it. Moreover, an actual photo from wars can be seen in the War Photo Limited Museum.

Charming hotels in historic city center


Split - Croatia
Split - Croatia

The city has a high culture and architecture which were results from having many empires that ruled them before. The town also has incredible foods; you should try checking some of these: Zrno Soli, Konoba Nikola Stobrec, and Villa Spiza. And also Split has a lovely sandy beach close to the sea, to which the shoulder of river flows from the Split inland. The river is known to have been hiding pirates from the sea in history.

Check out these hotels for best stay near the sea

4. Hungary

It is said that this country was the world’s thirteenth most visited tourist destination in 2002. Well, it is not that surprising since the state has a lot of attractions to offer to tourists. The country has that rich history and folk traditions. Hungary also provides a different kind of cuisine of which tourists absolutely love. And, of course, thermal spas!


Budapest - a fantastic historic city with thermal spa
Budapest - fantastic historic city with a thermal spa

Experienced the relaxing feeling in this city’s most popular bathhouse, as it comes with a thermal pool, swimming pool and massage place as well. For food choices, you can go to Great Market Hall for a first hand experienced buying foods. On the other hand, for coffee lovers out there, try the Central Kavehaz as they say that writers and intellectuals hang out at this place during World War I. And you must taste Hungarian goulash!

Check out these hotels with Spa in Budapest


Pecs - Hungary
Pecs - Hungary

Pecs Cathedral is one of the most important places to visit in this city it bears a history for a hundred of years. You can also see some of the city’s famous museums like Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art and Csontvary Museum.

Tips for hotels in Pésc city center


Eger - Hungary
Eger - Hungary

Thermal baths and historic buildings are also famous in this city. Loving Beatles music? Well, who doesn’t? And that is another thing that this town is known for; they have Egri Road Beatles Museum.

The said museum depicts the history of the life and career of the world-class band.

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5. Czech Republic

This country is known to have really jaw-dropping castles which really depicts the history. Another thing that the Czech Republic is known for are their beers, and they have been producing some of the world’s bests.


Prague - where to stay in Europe
Where to stay in Europe? Why not in the Prague?

Prague is one of the most popular destinations in Europe having a rich history, and colorful Baroque buildings. Some of the popular tourist attractions in the city are Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Old Town Square. You can read our travel guide about Prague here.

Hotels from Prague with the best price/quality ratio


Brno - Czech Republic
Brno - Czech Republic

Don’t miss the city’s VIDA! Science Center as this place has excellent science museums and interactive exhibits that people from all ages can enjoy too. On the other hand, Brno Zoo is also a beautiful place to visit especially for the kids.

Tips for excellent hotels in Brno

Cesky Krumlov

Český Krumlov - Czech Republic
Český Krumlov - Czech Republic

Since the country is known for their castles, this particular city has the castle that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and it is the Cesky Krumlov Castle. For museums and stuff, you can visit Muzeum Voskovych Figurine and Muzeum Vltavinu.

Your must-see list - hotels in Cesky Krumlov

As you can see, the Czech Republic is small but lovely country. Check out more about in our online travel guide about the Czech Republic.

North Europe

1. Denmark

If you are someone who still believes in “fairy tales” then it is right for you to visit this country and you can freely use this idea in this lovely country.


Where to stay in Europe - Copenhagen
Where to stay in Europe - Copenhagen

The sculpture of the Little Mermaid is definitely the first thing you are looking forward to in this country, and that exact thing is here in Copenhagen. Moreover, Tivoli Gardens, an Amusement park, and Copenhagen’s Zoo are also other things you should probably not miss, especially if you have kids with you.

Copenhagen's hotels check here


Aarhus - Denmark
Aarhus - Denmark

Want to experience the Hans Christian Andersen time? Visit the famous Old Town Open Air Museum, and you’ll be awe with its buildings and shops. Meanwhile, if you are the happy-go-lucky person, then a colorful world will definitely suit you, so visit The ARoSARt Museum’s Rainbow where you can view the city in Panorama.

14 best hotels in Aarhus check there


Odense - Denmark
Odense - Denmark

Revisit Hans Christian Andersen life as you walk inside the museum dedicated to him. More information on his childhood is present at Hans Christian Andersen’s Childhood Home.

Stay near the Hans Christian A. house there

2. Sweden

Outdoor activities and historical things are what this country is known for. Other than that, some say, fashion is also right in this lovely country.

Let’s see what do these best cities have in store for us:


Stockholm - where to stay in Europe
Stockholm - Sweden

Being the capital of the country, the city has a lot of islands and bridges. And what’s the best way to roam around the city but to have a boat trip?

Coffee time is also essential to the people of this place so make sure to grab one. On the other hand, if you are loving designer’s items, you should definitely go downtown as they have a lot of designer’s boutiques.

Nightlife is also great at downtown is it has some bars to go inside.

Lovely Stockholm's 3-4* hotels check there


Gothenburg - where to stay in Europe
Gothenburg - Sweden

This city has Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg Amusement Park which is perfect for people of all ages. On the other hand, if you are looking for some nature appreciation, then visit the city’s Botanical Garden.

Charming hotels in Gothenburg check there


Malmo - Sweden
Malmo - Sweden

If you like renaissance stuff, you should first visit St. Peter’s church, this is also the oldest building in the city. Moreover, for foods and nightlife, Lilla Torg is the place to be as it has a lot of restaurants and bars.

Tips for beautiful hotels in Malmo

3. Norway

Mountains, music history, arts, and a source of seafood is what the country is known for. Their museums have depicted a lot of history, from painting to fishing.


Oslo - where to stay in Europe
Oslo - Norway

The capital of Norway, this city is known for parks, museums, and sculptures. Check these places as it is some of the most visited in town, Akershus Fortress, Viking Ship Museum, Frogner Park, and Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Best Oslo hotels for a reasonable price


Bergen - where to stay in Europe
Bergen - Norway

The city has seven mountains, and if you are adventurous enough, it will be great if you can go to all of them. The town is also known for its fish and seafood, and the best place to buy those is in Bergen Fish Market.

Accommodation in the pure nature check here


Trondheim - where to stay in Europe
Trondheim - Norway

Music and history are one of the unique things in the city, and these museums can prove it: Ringve Museum and Rockheim. Don’t forget to visit the Nidaros Cathedral as well for that medieval feel.

Choose these nice hotels in Trondheim



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