Booking promo code 2017

Booking promo code 2017 company and American Airlines offer a special booking promo code for your next accomodation.

American Airlines, in cooperation with the world's largest travel reseller, has launched a very exciting promotional offer - if you spend minimum $80 in your next reservation throught, you get a refund for a $40.

Terms are not limited to the selection of hotels, only you need to create your new account on, where you will also have saved your credit card for the refund.

One person can only use the action once and the green banners talking about the discount must be lit in the bottom line of the booking page for the correct application.

Booking promo code promo green line

If you are going to travel in the next year, buy a hotel now.


Booking promo code offer conditions

  • you must create a new Booking,com account, not valid for existing accounts
  • only once you can used it
  • you must see the green banner in the last step of your reservation process


If you don't see the green banner at the bottom line, it means, that the offer was ended. 

But don't be sad if the offer is over, you can still get 10% off. After your new registration at and after your first stay anywhere in the world, you will automatically receive an offer to entry to Genius program for customers and that means your next reservations will be with a 10% booking discount. If you travel often, it pays off.

Register here for the 10% off from

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