6 Proven Business Travel Tips

Employees usually get excited when they are told that they will have to accompany their boss on their next business trip. Things can get a bit tricky if it is your first time.

You might be a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

To ensure that your first business trip goes according to the plan, here are 6 tips for first-time corporate travelers that will make your trip less of a hassle.

1. Go Light On The Luggage

Go light on the luggage
Go light on the luggage.

One of the biggest mistakes most first-time business travelers make is that they pack everything they could get their hands on. Instead of going crazy and packing everything, go light on luggage. Avoid carrying multiple bags to save yourself from spending hours at the airport security. Additionally, you will be charged extra for breaching the allowed luggage limit. Take a single carry on with you and carry only those items that you can pack into a carry-on.

About this, there is an excellent article with more advice on how to pack smart.

2. Book In Advance

Book in advance
Book in advance - for example in the accommodation sector the most bigger database of hotels has Booking.com.

Did you know that airline tickets are 48% cheaper if you book them weeks in advance? One of the main reasons why most businesses end up spending more on a business trip is because they book everything at the eleventh hour. Due to this, they not only have to pay more for everything from airline tickets to hotel rooms, but they also have to face a lot of hassle in finding the right hotel and transport. It is better to plan your business trip weeks and book everything online before flying instead of rushing in to book flights and hotel at the last minute. Check these sites for cheap flight tickets: https://www.cheapflights.com/, https://www.lowcostairlines.com/ and my favorite https://www.skyscanner.com.

3. Share Space

Business partner
Be good with your business colleagues.

When you are going on a business trip with a large team, you will most probably have to share rooms with them. Instead of being angry, you should use this opportunity to build a long-term relationship with them. Be polite to them and allow them privacy when they need it. Little courtesy on your part can lay a foundation of long-lasting friendship. Most businesses are now using services like Airbnb, for example in Paris city, to book accommodation instead of hotels so you will have learned to adapt and be ready to share spaces with your colleagues.

4. Know Your Limits

Most corporate travelers tend to think of a business trip to go all out with entertainment, adventure, and shopping. Unfortunately, businesses have to pay a heavy price for it. Whether you have been to business trip again and again or it is your first time, it is better to know about the company policy about business travel.

Which expenses are covered by the company and which ones are not? For instance, you are traveling to Dubai, and you booked a Dubai dhow cruise and ended up splurging a lot of money, which you have to pay from your pocket in the end. Is it good or wrong?

5. Collect and Use Air miles

Let’s say again you are flying to Dubai to enjoy best desert safari Dubai. You have to travel from the US to Dubai, which constitutes of a lot of air miles. Suppose you have few air miles already in the tank and you collect more air miles during your first business trip. That can help you to accumulate enough air miles to help you enjoy a free flight back home.

I have good experience with Emirates programme, but it's up to you, which flotilla is your favorite. There is an excellent article about that.

Instead of paying with cash, pay for everything by using a credit or debit card. This will not only help you collect reward points which you can redeem for making future purchases, but you can also use it to avail discounts on every purchase especially if you have a business credit or debit card. The more purchases you make and the longer your trip, the more reward points you can collect and the more discounts you can enjoy.

6. Plug It In


You are on a business trip does not mean that you should disturb people around you or get disturbed by people around you. When you are sharing spaces with other people, you will have to deal with their voices. The best way is to plug in the headphones or earplugs. Similarly, if you snore, offer the same earbuds to people you are sharing the room with.

Use this rule everywhere whether you are traveling by bus, train or airplane. Don’t forget to take a portable charger with you to charge all your mobile devices. Plug in your devices whenever you get a wall socket. The perfect solution is wireless earphones.

Which is the best tip you received during your first business trip? How was your experience? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.