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Author of WheretoStay.Tips - Hugo Y. S.Hi guys, thank you for your visit and please find 30 seconds to read this message. This website is small right now, because it recently started, but that does not mean, that you can not find quality content here on the contrary. So please, do not just run away!smiley
I want to start write with capital city of central Europe - Prague, then concentrate on the classic VIP safe beach resorts such as Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius. And after them I will write about the great European cities, like Rome, London, Barcelona etc. And of course also don't want to miss an US continent (New York City will be the first).
I want to have my blog without a common language that can be found anywhere else, I want to be really helpful. Thank you for your time!

Your Hugo Y. S.

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Prague

The Czech Republic is geographically small country; however, it possesses a dominant and rich history. The country is broadly widespread, from Czechs, Germans, Jews and Slovaks, as well as Italian and stucco workers, French traders and soldiers even from the army of Napoleon, all have all lived, spent lives and worked here.


Europe Tourism

Journey to Europe for recreational and tourism purposes is such a wonderful feat that it ought to be a subsidised ritual of passage for each and every single individual around the globe. 
You would find everything here, from custom, traditions, culture and tremendous history to fantastic life in dark but shiny nights, delicious food, worth seeing & eye charming villages, and fascinating atmosphere. 


About Prague

Located in the very heart of Europe, the Czech metropolis of Prague, its significance and beauty have been acknowledged by being listed as a part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. Historic events shaping Europe as well as the whole world took place here, buildings that are still admired today were built and prominent personalities that imprinted themselves for ever in the history of the world lived here.