• Mauritius island and beach photo gallery

    Mauritius is paradise on earth. In 2018, Mauritius was among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world that people love (Lonely Planet award).
  • The best from France photo gallery

    Selection of the best photos from France. France is a beautiful country. Sights, wine, food, people, and culture.
  • Czech beer is the best

    The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, many people visiting the country also to drink authentic Czech beer. “Pivo”.
  • Must see in Prague

    The must-see things in Prague article is about 9 top Prague beauty places. You will see photos, entry fees and how to get there.
  • Food and drink in Prague

    Everyone knows the Czech bread dumplings, hearty sauces, and thick soups. It is one of the reasons Prague is full of restaurants focused on traditional Czech cuisine. Check our guide article about Food and drink in Prague.
  • Best hotels in Prague for couples

    In this article, we will describe hotels that we consider to be the best choice for a couple of tourists looking for a compromise on quality and price. And we guess, this content is accurate just for you, so keep reading.

    Top 4 star hotels in Prague city center

    The best price and quality ratio you can usually find at top 4-star hotels in Prague city center - if you want to save money.
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    Prague airport and how to get to city center

    You have 4 options to transport from the airport to the city center, by public transport or private transfer services. Everything will be explained in the article.

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