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If you would like to make a travel guest post on Wheretostay.Tips website, please read the following guest posting guidelines.

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This website is about travel so articles and content obviously must be travel related. There is no condition about primary destinations you want to write. You can write about any country, city or place on the planet.

Your guest post could be about a destination you’ve recently been to or some cool travel advice you might have thought of or discovered on your travels. Maybe some specific advice on travel Equipment or your own travel funnies.

Just write about travel things, which brings some advantage to every tourist!

Here are some specific tips on what to write about:

  • a detailed guide to a particular destination,
  • how to prepare for a certain type of trip
  • a list of the best places to visit in (destination) list,
  • a list of the best tips for a certain travel-related activity.

Use your brain, describe something unique, quirky, funny or eye-opening stuff.

The technical things

  1. Before you pitch a full article, send 2 to 3 suggested topics for consideration on email mark@wheretostay.tips.
  2. Then submit your story after registration here. If you are successful in, use the top menu and choose Content -> Add content -> Blog post.
  3. Articles must be unique! All articles will be copyscape checked.
  4. Articles should be longer than 1000 words.
  5. Each submission should contain 4-5 high-quality photos. Poor quality snapshots will be rejected.
  6. Each photo has to be max. 800px wide. And please, reduce its size with this online image compressor.
  7. All photos should be titled with the expected alt-text and caption.
  8. Personalize the article a bit, convince our readers why your destinations are the best and mention some specific highlights. Use specific data, write about your personal experience.
  9. You should use only external backlinks, which are very helpful for readers and make a sense.
  10. If you use internal links as well, the chance of the approving process will be increased.
  11. Articles must be visually appealing. You have a nice editor for use, so use bold, underline to specific keywords, use headlines h2 ─ h4.

After you submit the blog post

The article will be reviewed first, marked up and edited before posting.

If the article will be in poor quality or bad formatted, you will be contacted first. If you don't fix the issues, will be deleted.

We reserve the rights to edit your article should we feel the need to. And also, to your article can be added affiliate links (no-follow) by the admins.

The blog post is absolutely for free and the links are permanent.