Czech beer is the best

As it is a subject worth speaking about, we now bring you some specific tips for five favorite Czech pubs in Prague which are worth visiting to taste their great beer (not only Pilsner Urquell).

We will give you some of their average prices, and where you can find a pub and taste the Czech beer, and of course, where to book a table.

The Czech Republic is a small country in Central Europe. The 10 million inhabitants boast one of the largest beer consumption per capita. 

Czechs don't just drink it; they also produce world-class beer too! Unlike some other globally sold beverages, Czech beer has a sour taste, not too bitter or sweet, just right. So, let's just say something about the beer itself.

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Check this inspirational (for who loves a beer) video from YouTube channel
The Pilsner Urquell beer
The Pilsner Urquell beer


About Czech beer

As we have already mentioned, the Czech Republic is famous for its beer, and many people visit the country not just to enjoy the amazing and beautiful cities found here, but to drink the authentic Czech beer as well. “Pivo”, as the beer is known in the Czech Republic, was produced here before the 6th century, when the Slavic migration began.

Czech Beer in the history - Pilsner Urquell
Czech beer in history - the Pilsner Urquell brewery

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Back in those days, the ingredients used for making beer differed from what they use today. Also, breweries in the Czech Republic began to appear during the 12th century, which was the same century that the country began to export it. In Germany, however, they only started to emerge during the 13th century.

Crop cultivation has been going on in this part of the world for a very long time, and every city was proud, as they had at least one brewery that produced beer at a local level. The land of the historical Bohemia, Silesia, and Moravia, the Czech Republic had many famous cities for beer brewing. Some of the most important being Prague, Budweis, and Plzeň - the city where golden Pilsner beer was created, the first light colored beer that was ever made in the history of beer.

A short brief history about beer

Egyptian hieroglyphics and the beer
Egyptian hieroglyphics and beer
Beer is probably one of the most popular alcoholic drinks around the world. People love its acidity, taste, flavor, and freshness. But how did it emerge?

Next to wine, beer is among one of the oldest beverages that was ever made by humans. Specialists believe that its production dates back to the 5th millennium BC; it is thought that it was produced in Iran.

Also, written evidence in the history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia states that beer was made and consumed from the beginning of time, rapidly spreading throughout the rest of the world.

Almost any type of cereal that contains sugar can go through a spontaneous process of fermentation. The wild yeasts are airborne and can easily reach deposits of cereals. Due to this, it is believed that the making of beer emerged as soon as man managed to domesticate and cultivate cereal.

Pottery jars, discovered in an archaeological site in Iran, provided the evidence, and the chemical tests carried out on the jars showed that beer was produced through fermentation 7,000 years earlier in the ancient settlements that existed in the area.

This is the earliest tangible proof of beer brewing in the history of humanity, although many think that it emerged a lot earlier than this. Many consider that the invention of bread and beer helped mankind evolve and reach technological development, building the civilization we all know today.

So yes, beer is a very important part of what we are now. This ancient beverage remains highly appreciated all over the world and by people of all ages.

Health benefits and risks

If consumed in moderation, beer has a rather impressive number of health benefits anyone can enjoy. Beer protects your heart just as much red wine does. A group of Italian researchers discovered that people who consume beer have 40% lower risks of developing heart diseases.

Drinking one or two beers will make you a bit more creative, which is very useful when having to find solutions to various problems. Consume beer at moderate levels and this beverage will keep type II diabetes at bay.

Beer is also known for cleaning your kidneys, preventing kidney stones from forming, and promoting a healthy kidney function. You can feel it working when you have the need to visit the restroom often when you’re drinking beer. However, it appears that it's not only the fluid consumption that's good for your kidneys, but the content of the beer that washes away any impurities and stops calcium being washed away from your bones - which may in time turn into painful kidney stones.

Where to taste great beer in Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has many amazing spots where you can enjoy Czech beer. Pilsner is still the most famous type of beer served here, but don’t hesitate to try other high-quality assortments while you are in the area. An interesting phenomenon in Prague is the increase in the number of microbreweries, which produce smaller quantities of beer because they focus on quality and outstanding flavor. So, if you get the chance, try the beer provided by these microbreweries, because you may be pleasantly surprised!

Getting back to the places where you can taste the great beer in Prague, you’ll find many pubs ready to serve an assortment of beers. Some of the most famous pubs in Prague are:

1) The cellar chain Lokál

One of the finest chains of pubs in Prague with regard to the quality and taste of Pilsner Urquell Czech beer.

Where you can find the Local pubs in Prague:

  1. Lokál u Bílé Kuželky, Prague 1 (historical city center): Opening hours from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm - google maps preview
  2. Lokál nad Stromovkou, Prague 7: Opening hours from 11:30 pm - 12:00 pm - google maps preview
  3. Lokál Dlouhá, Prague 1: Opening hours 11:00 am - 01:00 am - google maps preview
  4. Lokál Hamburk, Prague 8, (the newest one): Opening hours 11:00 am - 12:00 pm - google maps preview

In addition to beverages, Lokál offers small snacks, but do not expect a large meal; it will either be traditional sausage from a butcher, a snapper or something similar.

In our opinion, the best one is Lokál u Bílé Kuželky, due to the Prague historical places it has to offer. 

And that's the reason why this chain gets a special place on the right side here is to highlight its branches in Prague. The price of one beer is 42 CZK.

2) U kroka pub

A small, family restaurant who provide meals where they do not use sweeteners, just herbs, salt and pepper, all at great value.

But we're not here for food, just beer! On tap there is the perfectly treated tank Czech beer Pilsner Urquell.

This picturesque, lively restaurant and pub can be found a short walk from the sacred Vysehrad and the Vltava riverbank.

It could be the final stop of your journey through Prague, and quite a good location for a nice but also cheap hotel, because it's still in the heart of Prague (Prague 2). The price of one beer is 48 CZK. Opening hours are from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm. If you want to save time, you can pre-book through this application

There is a map where you can find it: Google maps preview

3) U Hrocha pub

The interesting pub, it really is!

The interior is nothing special, but the beer served here more than makes up for it. This cellar is such an interesting place that people queue outside to get in. Occasionally, you'll find groups of business people, because the Czech Parliament building is next door.

Look at these hundreds of satisfied reviews on TripAdvisor.

And again, there is the best Czech bottom-fermented* beer - Pilsner Urquell.

The location is awesome as well, due to it being close Prague Castle. Check out the Google maps preview. The price of one beer is 45 CZK. Opening hours are from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.

*Bottom-fermented refers to the type of yeast they use.

4) U Vejvodů pub

This pub is tucked away in a beautiful historic passageway, with its main bar area in the basement of an ancient house.

They have also a phenomenal Pilsner Urquell Czech beer and you do not have to worry about it being overcrowded, as the basement area is much bigger than the first section of the pub.

More photos can be found here: The price for one beer is 43 CZK. Opening hours are from 11: 00 pm to 03:00 am.

Also, check out this inspirational (for who loves a beer) video (from this YouTube channel). And the location here: Google maps preview

5) U Pinkasů pub

The U Pinkasů pub was opened on the same day when the production of Pilsner Urquell beer in Pilsen occurred in 1843.

U Pinkasů is not the oldest pub in Prague, the very first one to open was the U Fleků. Even so, your sure to enjoy a glass of beer and some excellent food. And in the summer months, as you can see from the picture, you get to sit in a beautiful historical alley near Wenceslas Square.

The price of one beer is 49 CZK. Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm.

For its location and uniqueness, some well-known historical personalities from the Czech Republic, have visited the restaurant, for instance, Palacký, Rieger, Jungmann, and later T.G. Masaryk and many others.

If you want to save time you can pre-book a seat in the restaurant through this application

6) U Fleků pub

The oldest pub in Prague, and nowadays its also an excellent microbrewery

This brewery was particularly important in 1843 when the renowned Flekov dark  lager (13%) started to brew here for the first time. Production continues here today, and if you want to taste something different than Pilsner Urquell, you can, because they have plenty available.

The price for one beer is 49 CZK and opening hours are from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

There is a google maps preview.

7) U Medvídků Brewery

These days, the House U Medvídků is used as a hotel, restaurant, and microbrewery. It is the smallest brewery in the Czech Republic with a maximum annual exhibition of 300 hl of the semi-dark lager Oldgott.

The brewery continues to use previously tried and tested methods such as shoe cooling, open fermentation vats, wooden lager barrels, and hand-bottled bottles with a patent seal, in the production of their beer. 

However, these special beers are not to everyone's taste. From our experience, there is certainty in Pilsner Urquell beer.

The price of one beer is about 50 CZK. Opening hours are from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm. 

Google maps preview here.

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