Cathedral of Saint Lawrence

The St. Lawrence Church (Kostel sv. Vavřince in Czech) is the cathedral church of the Bishop of the Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic.

With other significant buildings, it is one of the attractions of Prague's Lesser Town district and you can add it to your Prague tourist plan.

Since 1994, the entire building complex is used by the Old Catholic Church. And since 1995 the church of Saint Lawrence is the cathedral of the Old Catholic Church.

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Cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Prague
Cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Prague

The church dedicated to St. Lawrence is located on the Petřín in Prague, near the Petrin lookout Tower. With its altitude of 327 metres above sea level this was the highest place in Prague for a long time.

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It was first mentioned in 1135. In that time it was a single-nave romanesque building with an apse on the east end and a tower on the west. The walls of this Romanesque building are partially preserved in the present church. It was built probably during the reign of Duke Soběslav I. and was similar in style to the church of the Holy Cross in the Old Town, which is now also used by the Old Catholic Church.


In 1590 the chapel was restored by George Henry of Frankenstein. In the 18th century the church was reubilt due to P. Norbert Saazer and the Guild of Prague cooks. The construction lasted from 1730s to the year 1780. The project was made by architect K. I. Dientzenhofer. A new monumental Baroque north face of the building was created, with statues of Holy Trinity, St John of Nepomuk and St Mary Magdalene. There is also the coat of arms of prior František Strachovský ze Strachovic, who oversaw the building work. In the niche there is a statue of St Adalbert.

Interior decoration

Inside, on the right side altar, there is a picture of the martyrdom of St. Lawrence by Burgundian painter Jean Claude Monnot. The architect Jiří Pelcl designed today's interior of the choir room, including a modern crucifix, hanging from the ceiling.


Next to the church is a Calvary chapel from 1735, decorated with a sgraffito depicting the resurrection of Jesus. Below the church was built in 1836 the Way of the Cross. On the end of the street from the church you can see the Holy Sepulcher Chapel from 1738.

Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Cathedral of the Saint Lawrence in Prague - Google view from the Petrin Lookout Tower -

Eucharistic services are offered in Czech on Fridays at 5:00 p.m., with Stations of the Cross services during Lent, find more information at

How to get there: The best way is by The Petřín Funicular, where you can use regular public transport ticket. This funicular has three stations, down is Újezd, and it is also a tram stop, in the middle of way is Nebozizek, where you can go to the restaurant, and final stop is Petřín (Petrin Hill).

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