Paris passages: Discover the Top 9 historic arcades

Imagine taking a stroll down one of Paris' famous covered passages as the enchanting smells, sounds, and sights captivate your senses. Sounds perfect, right?

Explore the magnificence of France’s capital and discover the old romantic passages of Paris to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

You will find information about 9 beautiful Paris passages with their locations and what you could see there.

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You have probably already answered the question about where to stay in Paris, and now you can focus on your sightseeing plan. Why not add the best from Paris passages to your list? So, which ones are the most affordable?

1. Galerie Vivienne

Covered passage ─ Galerie Vivienne in Paris
Galerie Vivienne in Paris; it is a luxury passage with beautiful architecture.

Galerie Vivienne with its glass ceilings and mosaic floor is a treat to the eager eyes of tourists and locals!

This coveted passage attracts fashion lovers as it hosts luxury boutiques and flagship stores.

It is also ideal for people with a taste for perfect and expensive wine.

Enjoy a lazy sunny day with a cup of coffee while sitting in one of the cafes and observe the strollers praising the walkway!

You can experience all this and much more, but remember that this can be a bit weighty, or rather quite heavy on the wallet.


How to get there: Get off the Bourse metro station; a green line No. 3

2. Passage des Panoramas

Covered passage des Panoramas in Paris
Passage des Panoramas; a romantic place in Paris

Vintage calling!

One thing that this passage is most famous for is its shops, so if you are a stamp, postcard, and coin collector, then what are you waiting for?

Of course, you can admire this beauty from outside, from beautiful shop windows as a regular tourist.

This arcade has to be on your checklist as a must-see place. Why? Because it is so romantic!

Panoramas are the oldest passage in Paris where shops offering a full range of exquisite cuisines and wines line the walkways.

Besides, taking a stroll in this passage means you have a chance at spotting a celebrity or two because of the famous Théâtre des Variétés.


The nearest metro stations: Bourse station at green line No. 3, and Richelieu - Drouot and Grands Boulevards; they are as a green line No. 9 and purple line No. 8.

3. Passage du Grand-Cerf

Covered passage du Grand-Cerf in Paris
Passage du Grand-Cerf  — a cozy passage in the middle of Paris.

Quite near to Montorgueil and rue Saint-Denis, Passage du Grand-Cerf hosts a liberal blend of outlets.

Here you can buy a bunch of flowers for your loved one from the nearby florists.

You can also adorn yourself with a chic and retro look by purchasing stylish glasses.

Moreover, Eric et Lydie is there to please you with high-quality jewelry.

If you are looking to stock up your home with some comfortable and appealing housewares, this is the place to be. After a hard days' shopping, unwind at the famous Café Le Pas Sage, sipping wine and enjoying French cuisine.


How to get there: Get off the Étienne Marcel metro station ─ the purple line No. 4.

4. Passage Molière

Passage Moliere in Paris
Passage Molière ─ where you can meet a legacy of the famous Moliere.

It is not a classic covered arcade, but worth seeing! A cobbled walkway, like in a fairy tale, and picturesque scenery is what makes up the passage Moliere.

This passage pays tribute to the famous French playwright Moliere and is the place to be for cinema lovers.

The site hosts La Maison de la Poésie theater, which holds cultural evenings throughout the year and the Escape Alaph.

The owner of Librairie Scaramouche has an extensive collection of cinema posters and rare publications .

Do not forget to drop by the fashionable shoe boutique owned by Japanese designer Tamano Nagashima when you visit this place.


How to get there: Use metro and get off the  Étienne Marcel station ─ the purple line No. 4.

5. Passage Jouffroy

Covered passage Jouffroy in Paris
Passage Jouffroy in Paris ─ a romantic piece of city history.

Another passage is the Grands Boulevards, this passage is a continuation of the Passage des Panoramas.

Here you'll find the romance of Paris with each step you take. 

The city, thanks to places like this, is like an old book which is worth exploring again.

The unique and attractive aspect of this walkway is also that it holds the mini version of 'Madame Tussauds' and goes by the name of the Grevin Museum. Here you can find the wax figures of the singers that you adore most and have a selfie moment!

And, if you have a disgruntled child on your hand, then visit Pain D’epics and browse through antique and wooden toys.

You can also find Hotel Chopin at the end of the walkway where you can stay the night and enjoy the passageway at your heart’s content!


How to get there: The best route is to take a metro of green or purple line No. 8, 9 and get off the Richelieu - Drouot station.

6. Passage de Choiseul

Covered passage de Choiseul in Paris
Passage de Choiseul - the longest covered arcade in Paris.

Choiseul is the most extended passageway at 190 meters; it is accessible at 23 rue Saint-Augustin and 40 rue Dalayrac.

Unlike other passageways, the first and second floors host businesses and shops and the third floor are residential.

As a tourist, you have an array of choices from where to shop, be it clothing or jewelry.

If you have an artistic side, you can explore the art galleries and art supply outlets or experience the Thêatre des Bouffes Parisiennes.

At the end of your stroll, you can enjoy a delectable meal at Bio Burger, admired by patrons from across the globe.


How to get there: Get off the Quatre-Septembre metro station ─ a green line No. 3.

7. Galerie Véro-Dodat

Covered passage Galerie Véro-Dodat
Galerie Véro-Dodat ─ not too far from the Louvre museum.

You will always have time to visit this passage if you are touring the Louvre museum as it is close by.

Despite being a short passage, the charm, and sophistication that it exudes immediately appeal the visitors.

This particular passage calls out to all the shoe lovers as it hosts the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s outlet for men and women.

You can discover beautiful art galleries, antiques, musical instruments, cosmetics and jewelry here.

And in the evening, devour luxurious food at Restaurant Véro-Dodat while enjoying its great ambiance!


How to get there: Get off the Palais Royal Musée du Louvre metro station ─ the yellow line No. 1 and pink line No. 7.

8. Passage Verdeau

Covered passage Verdeau in Paris
Passage Verdeau ─ admiring art on every corner.

Situated between rue de la Grande Batelière and rue du Faubourg Montmartre, this passage attracts souls that are Parisian at heart.

If you like admiring art in all shapes and forms, do visit this passage. You will discover old books, unique antiques, and embroidery or – in short, whatever the mood strikes.

If you feel a bit tired after all this, sit back and relax at a restaurant and observe people going about their daily life.


How to get there: Get off the Richelieu ─ Drouot metro station; the pink line No. 8 and green line no. 9.

9. Passage des Princes

Covered passage des Princes in Paris
Covered passage des Princes in Paris ─ is very similar to Galerie Véro-Dodat.

The word 'princes' gives a hint about who will enjoy this passage the most – yes, this is where you bring your children to satiate their eternal want for toys!

However, it does not mean that the child within you won't enjoy a visit here too. Located near Grands Boulevards, Le Passage des Princes is a heaven for children.

From toys, video games, dolls, and every other kind of ornament, this passage holds everything!


How to get there: It is just on Richelieu - Drouot metro station; the pink line No. 8 and green line no. 9.

As you can see, all the passages are close to each other and, it could be a great idea to add this to your plan during your stay in Paris.

Now that you know about the best passages in Paris, which one would you prefer for a vacation? Have you made up your mind yet? Leave a comment, please.

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